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Energy field - my proposed course and institution in Australia

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Apr 15, 2021   #1

My contribution to the energy sector

I believe that energy is a crucial factor in a country's development. I studied petroleum engineering and dreamed that one day I can contribute to the energy sector for my country. During my college years, I've read up on what our earth is facing if we don't start a significant development on renewable or sustainable energy now. It gets me intrigued to find out why renewable energy in Indonesia has not yet been thriving despite its massive potential. The reasons always circle around laws, human resources, cultures, and economics. This motivates me to learn deeply about renewable energy management so that I can further learn about the problems and provide solutions. I'm also convinced that Australia would be the right choice for me to learn from looking from its advanced renewable and sustainable energy development.

University of Queensland Master of Sustainable Energy (management) is one of my preferences since it provides courses that relate to the problems that occur in Indonesia. The courses vary from basic energy principle, environmental problem solving, policymaking, finance, strategic management, and business in Asia. I believe this would allow me to learn to see and solve the present problems from many points of view. This program is on top of my list since it will talk deeply about management skills which I believe I need to pursue my dream.

I also put Murdoch University in my preference as it will cover the topic of energy project planning in developing countries and climate change risk assessment on a project which will be useful for me to contribute to Indonesia as a developing country. This program will also talk specifically about the types of renewable energy which have potential in Indonesia such as wind, water, solar, and biomass.

I'm positive that pursuing my master's degree in Australia will help me prepare to be up to par to contribute to my country's development.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 16, 2021   #2
The reason for you proposed course must be similar to a motivation or career goal. The presentation does not have a career based relationship represented. Is there a government energy program being launched or that has been launched that you wish to participate in? If your focus is on energy based on your petroleum engineering background then present both an academic and professional reason for your course choices depending upon these apply to your career focus. Your first paragraph does not help your application at all due to the lack of applicable content/information in that section. After adjusting your reason for pursuing courses, revise your university selections based on academic qualifiers in relation to your future plans or current training needs. Your university choice reasons are as empty as your proposed reason for choosing the study courses at this point.

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