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Engineering/ Team work/ European exposure; Motivational letter ; Erasmus Mundus

cheetha 1 / 2 1  
Jan 19, 2013   #1
i am a graduate student want to have good motivational letter for erasmus mundus masters scholar ship program please check this out corrections and suggestions are requested

thanks in advance

Entering in the field of engineering has been a point of affection in my life. The enormous amount of theoretical, practical and life knowledge which I have gained during these four years is incomparable to any other stages in my life. I was born in a family where love, affection, culture and knowledge were always emphasized upon. My parents are the glorious stars behind my successes at all stages. Reading as a part of family tradition was the hobby most encouraged by my parents and it was through them that books and reading became a routine in my lifestyle and the long to learn and experience the unknown grew stronger in me. Since from the childhood I am interested in how things work and how to utilize the present resources efficiently to solve current problems. I am a graduate student of **** University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan.

There were many courses in my undergraduate program but few main courses like Digital Electronics, Microwave Engineering, Laser and Fiber Optics, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Sequential Circuit Design, feedback Control systems, Modern Control systems, Automation and Robotics, Integrated Electronics, Electromagnetic waves and radiating system. But the course of Field Programmable Gate Array and Embedded System Design in my third and final year was different experience. My interest encouraged for better understanding of microcontrollers, embedded systems and FPGAs and FPGA development boards. I devoted my technical skills in solving surrounding problems making gadgets such as, Water sensing stick for blind persons, Automatic water level controller, Low power UPS, Automatic drip Irrigation system as my final year project in Bachelors.

I realize the importance of a team work so when earthquake hit my country in 2005, I worked as volunteer in team and gathered funding from school as well as neighborhood. I also worked with a team. The basic purpose of this organization is to solve the academic problems of the enrolled students. The objective of the committee is to instruct students in their free timings. I took classes of junior batches and delivered academic lectures helping them for their better understanding. When floods hit in 2010, I with my close friends formed a team dedicated to help the flood victims in the northern part of my province.

Europe is a center of advance education. The presence of millions of immigrants who came to the Europe from all corners of the world with their culture and values adds even more flavor to European life. Along with studying in one of the best institution in the world, I'll also be able to experience European culture and interact with new people. So I take Europe as a grand opportunity not only to enhance the academic and research skills but also to develop the interpersonal and mutual understanding among the people of different cultures and civilizations.

In addition to my strong motive and hardworking nature, I am sure being given the chance of continuing my graduate study in a suitable academic environment with expert professors and well- established facilities; I will be a successful student in this field.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jan 19, 2013   #2
Entering in the field of engineering has been a point of affection in my life.

I wish you presented this more effectively. Why not say this in direct speech having the entire focus onto you :)
I always longed to enter into the field of engineering.

Well, I see a big issue here regarding your flow. Each sentence sounds too independent from the other. First one says your interest in Engineering. Second one about your knowledge. Third one about your family and so on. You don't link up the ideas to get them a good essay flow. If you talk about your interest in Engineering, then tell them what position you want to reach or what field you want to specialize etc. Then move to the other idea.

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