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Environmental Engineering - PTDF Scholarship Statement of Purpose

Alao0702 7 / 13  
Jan 4, 2022   #1

Statement of Purpose

In 500 words, state the reason for the proposed study, its relevance to the oil and gas industry, and its expected impact on the oil and gas industry.

Oil spillage, gas flaring, and the discharge of hazardous waste from oil production processes in the Niger Delta continue to endanger aquatic lives, and the lives of the inhabitants of host communities in the region. In addition to poor implementation of established environmental protection laws, lack of technical expertise and inadequate research in technologies for the treatment of these hazardous waste are also of great concern. My goal is to develop the research competence and hands-on skills required in the design of waste-to-energy technologies, and the strategies for strict implementation of the Nigerian environmental policies on waste from crude oil processing, hence, my application for the PTDF scholarship for the MSc. Program in Environmental Engineering at Newcastle University.

The MSc. program in Environmental Engineering at Newcastle University contains course modules that I find invaluable to my career development in the oil and gas industry. For example, the "environmental engineering for developing countries" course module shall impart me with the knowledge on the identification of appropriate technology for the treatment of the waste generated from oil production processes in developing countries. Through the wastewater engineering course, I shall gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the design of the identified technology. Moreover, the "solid waste management" course will help me to understand implementation strategies for domestic and international solid waste policies as well as suitable methods of storage, collection, transfer, treatment, and disposal of waste produced from crude oil processing in both industrialized and developing countries.

On completion of my master's degree, I shall return to Nigeria to seek employment at the Federal Ministry of Environment where I shall apply the knowledge from my postgraduate program to help in the design of indigenous technology for converting oil processing waste to biofuels for domestic use. In addition, I shall synergize with environmental policymakers and contribute my knowledge on implementation strategies for solid waste policies to ensure strict compliance of oil companies to related policies on oil waste management. The overall impact of this is the provision of employment to Nigerians in waste-to-energy conversion, and the preservation of the aquatic ecosystem, and the health of residents in oil processing regions of the Niger Delta. In the long run, I plan to establish a small-scale consulting firm that will provide research services on emerging environmental problems to both local and international organizations in the environmental sector. The research knowledge from my postgraduate education will help me perform the research consulting roles efficiently.

Overall, I believe I am highly qualified for the PTDF scholarship because I am enthusiastic about devising solutions to environmental issues, which will facilitate a healthy environment for the Nigerian people to live in. Thanks for taking the time to go through my application and I look forward to commencing an exciting academic career at Newcastle University as a PTDF scholar.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,666 4113  
Jan 4, 2022   #2
Your essay does not reflect your previous studies and your current professional experience in relation to the studies that you will be undertaking. While you do point out what you might learn from the program, there is a disconnection when it comes to reflecting how your current career path will actually benefit from these advanced studies.

There must be more clarity in your presentation regarding the impact of your studies in the overall scheme of program implementation. Think global, not local. Think Green Energy, Clean gases, modified energy sources. Your representation is too scattered. Focus the discussion in a specific area of oil and gas in your country.

You cannot serve so many masters. You must focus on a particular learning need that you know will be helpful to your country. Right now, you are trying to sound like the saviour of your country, which is going to be difficult to achieve owing to the limitations of the masters course. By the way, how to these studies relate to your educational background and career path? Connect these areas with the required discussion points of the essay to create a more solid discussion consideration.

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