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Erasmus Mundus Application: Personal Statement - Global Markets, Local Creativities - Study Track B

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Oct 24, 2021   #1


The world is currently experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV 2 which originally came from a local market in China. And now, almost two years had passed, the virus has been a disaster on a global scale that swept the world, catching us off-guard. This calamity has gotten the best out of each country, and yet showing their resilience through national campaigns and implementing protocols to secure the health of their citizens. However, the disease not only affected global health but also the businesses and economy by restricting protocols which also led to a decline in the workforce.

I am applying for the Global Markets, Local Creativities - Global Markets and Development pathway after finding a master's degree which consolidates my education on Anthropology & Sociology, Health Economics, and Biostatistics; my interest & advocacies on Health; as well as my working experiences on business development, local & multinational medical device companies, and in the field of sales & marketing. The multidisciplinary coursework provides a holistic approach to dealing with contemporary issues about Economics, Sustainability, Innovation, and how they are affected by globalization and exploring its development.

I lived and studied in three different port cities in the archipelagic country of the Philippines. During my undergraduate, I joined different organizations with different roles. I was elected as the Governor for my college and had worked with the university publication. Throughout my internship, I witnessed plenty of inequalities and spaces of improvement for health and the policies that synergize with economic development. In my course of History, I learned that the Philippines is a very young and diverse nation that still has plenty to improve on. My course on Health Economics depicted that the ideal ratio of doctor to a patient should be 1:10000 wherein the Philippines' current setting is 1:33000. The courses discussing the impact of a Globalized Economy and Development Economics complements my undergraduate studies and will further broaden my thinking by experimenting with concepts and theories of development.

And now the COVID-19 cases continue to rise daily. Many developed countries have already eased up on protocols, however, some countries including the Philippines continue to struggle with it. Along with this plague, the economy took a huge hit that many experts and professionals failed to see. Most countries in the world experienced a recession that even experts mentioned was the worst decline since the great depression. The pandemic not only gave us a lesson to think and prepare better in terms of health, but it also opened an opportunity to express our ingenuity and resilience as human beings by surviving and thriving economically.

After graduation, I joined a local family-owned medical devices company that started small and now is one of the leading in the country. My work is focused on developing and supporting the business on a nationwide scale where I traveled 70% of the time and developed flexibility on working in different ways in different places with a variety of cultures working together. Being an essential industry, we are one of the only professionals that can travel across the country where I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects that the pandemic has brought to the people and the economy. Even at my organization, the company is forced to retrench people and cut the working hours which includes cutting the salaries as well, due to the decline of revenue. This was a disheartening moment not only for me but the entire world that has experienced not only health but also financial crises. However, I made sure to make the most out of my time and think of creative ways to put up a business and still provide value. This is when my local online business was born. I was always drawn to business ever since so I took the time to study all about business and made my ideas into reality. This is the time where I immersed myself with the local market, the creative process, and the business applications that come with it.

A year and a half later, I was given the opportunity to join a Fortune 500 company to be their youngest associate. This is one of the proudest professional milestones where I was given the task to manage the entire business of a territory. This time, I worked hand in hand with globally diverse talents which opened my mind to the global scales of businesses. During reviews, I saw the regional differences and variations of consumption and growth from countries around the world. Moving up to a multinational company also showed me the decline of economies on a larger spectrum. We extrapolated how each country adapted differently with each other with varying results as well.

My drive in pursuing higher education is to further my growth as a globally competitive professional and gain important insights and networks in order to increase the quality of value I can offer to the world. My dissertation would analyze how a developing country like the Philippines managed the pandemic and see through the systems used, review its reciprocating effects on the economy, and explore how it can be developed in the future. There is a large opportunity for growth and improvement in systems for the Philippines being one of the most dynamic economies in the ASEAN region. Before the Pandemic, the country's average annual growth has increased to 6.4% between 2010-2019 & Poverty declined from 23.3% in 2015 to 16.6% in 2018. Despite the growth, the Philippines is one of the last developing countries to cope up with the Covid that negatively impacted the economy and ranked as the worst place to be in during this crisis by Bloomberg. The disparity only highlights the gaps in the shortage of effective systems and interventions to strengthen health and economic relationships. My professional experience of working with the public and private sector, key opinion leaders, development, and courses discussing the impact of Globalization, the Globalized Economy, and Global Health will guide my dissertation.

Upon completing my master's degree, I am planning to carry the objectives and join United Nations Specialized agencies and work with Health sectors and Medical Multinational companies to promote health investment as a strategy for economic growth and sustainable development. Europe is where agencies like this with noble pursuits all started. This is also where will be the most considered location to immerse and learn their consciousness, see things from a different perspective, and gain invaluable experiences that nowhere else can be gained. Ever since the Philippines has always been fortunate to be helped by these honorable organizations. And now, accompanied by my credentials and the multidisciplinary GLOCAL experience, I will be one step closer to being part of a greater cause.

The opportunity to study in a consortium of prestigious Universities in Europe is a privilege given their Global recognition and academic merit. I look forward to a multifaceted experience that will enable me to learn about European culture & history and grow as a global citizen. I will represent a positive image of my country as a Filipino to be an ambassador given a chance to be an EM scholar.

I sincerely hope the admission committee finds my profile well suited for this life-changing opportunity.
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Oct 25, 2021   #2
The world is currently experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV 2 which originally came from a local market in China.

This is an unproven claim that should not be included in this essay. It is a sensationalist topic that does nothave any relevance to the motivation by which the applicant is motivated to apply for the course.The EM scholarship is apolitical. It stays away from controversial topics and the reviewers will not be appreciative of any student who ' has a politicized application topic or motivation for applying. Remove that reference. Focus on Covid-19, without political considerations.

And now the COVID-19 cases continue to rise daily.

Focus this paragraph on how the master's course will apply or applies to the development on your country. Do not discuss the world, refer a discussion to the global impact on your country since it is your countrymen you wish to help.

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