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ESP practitioner - TESOL and the prospect for my future career (AAS)

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Apr 10, 2021   #1

How will the proposed study contribute to your career?

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My goal to become an ESP practitioner and I believe my 10 years of work experience could help me for a better approach towards teaching material. Therefore, adequate training in TESOL will provide me strong theoretical foundation, support me to conduct need analysis research for designing the syllabus based on student needs, earning my teaching style and evaluation for study sustainable development. If I am mastering this new skill set, I will teach ESP at a local training center as the initial step.

Regarding the expanded investment by the foreign company, The Ministry of Manpower launched a job training program to meet supply and demand in the labor sector. The program called Triple Skilling focuses on providing hard skills training but without foreign language training. I could assist this program by teaching ESP in a training class at the local training center. The demand for skilled technician labor and good communication in English for foreign companies is increasing. By conducting a proper ESP syllabus will help them to understand work procedure instructions and operating the machine properly. Good equipment knowledge will help the company to save the maintenance budget, accelerate the production, prolongs tool life, and also protect the worker from a work accident.

Upon my return, the TESOL study will take me to meet the requirement for an ESP trainer. It pointed my skill development on how to build various kinds of teaching material for any field, handling the classroom, and engage with the students. I will able to channeled my working experience to build a syllabus for teaching young adults and professionals. Also, the network I gain from AAS program will help me to get sharing knowledge and different perspectives for further teaching development. These aspects will put me on-demand as an ESP trainer especially in my hometown where the economy and industrial growing fast lately.
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Apr 19, 2021   #2
I could assist this program by teaching ESP in a training class at the local training center.

This is not a definitive career goal. There is uncertainty in your presentation thus, making the contribution of the studies questionable in your presentation. Will it really be of help if you are not certain that you will be actually be able to apply what you learned? Exactly. Preciseness and clarity of information, confidence in your career plans as relevant to your studies is a must in this presentation. In truth, there are parts of the essay that come across as unclear and requiring proper editing and proofreading. It is almost an informative essay due to the confusing sentence parts. The essay can also use proper paragraph formatting on a professional level.

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