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To be an expert in Behavioural and Experimental (B/E) Economics. Chevening - course choice question

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Nov 6, 2016   #1
Chevening - course choice question

My primary goal behind investing the time to join a second master's program is to effectively specialize in Behavioural and Experimental (B / E) Economics. I am looking to employ my past academic and professional experience, to systematically expand stronger roots, to develop a more sophisticated dimension to my research ideas, and to be planted in a relevant academic environment that would inspire me explore a better versatile perspective on the discipline.

Consequently, I followed three main criteria while considering the courses of my choice. First, having future plans to pursue an academic career and to actively publish my work, I searched for programs by the rank of the economics department in the venue of E/B Economics, so I can learn from and connect with the best in the field. Second, having plans to develop the economics laboratory in my home faculty, I searched for institutions where I could both actively participate as a subject inasmuch experiments as possible, and be involved in an on-ground lab management experience. Third, owing to my current post as an economic analyst/ strategic planner for (Company Name), I frequently work on preparing reports on topics with a hint of Macroeconomics, Finance, and Industrial Organisation in them. For example, Taxation policies, factors affecting trends in stock market valuations, growth expectations and asset pricing, production technologies analysis, etc.. In part of my work I feel that adding a behavioural perspective to my analysis, reflecting the irrationality of market agents would yield a great value and depth to the end-result. Accordingly, I looked for programs that basically offer a thorough background on B/E Economics, in addition to a hint of Finance and Industrial Economics in their elective module structure.

Hence, the programs of my choice are: 1) MSc Behavioural Economics in the University of Nottingham. The Economics department in Nottingham University ranks third worldwide in the field of B/E Economics according to the program's website. The program offers contact with the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics which provides both an on-ground lab experience and continuous workshops with the best in the field. In addition the course structure offers modules in Corporate Finance, Industrial Organisation, Financial Macro-Econometrics, among others. 2) MSc Behavioural and Experimental Economics in the University of East Anglia, offering contact to the Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science. Last, 3) MSc Experimental Economics in Durham University, offering a great course structure, including a Behavioural finance module and a Financial Modeling/ Business Forecasting module.
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Nov 6, 2016   #2
Some help for you

... that would inspire me to explore a better ...

... I feel that adding a behavioral perspective to my analysis,

including a Behavioral finance module and a...
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Nov 6, 2016   #3
I have been advised to list each university separately explaining why you chose it and how you would benefit from the course
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Nov 7, 2016   #4
Samar, the reviewer is not interested in the process by which you chose the courses and universities that you are applying to. That is a personal decision. He is however, interested in your past academic and professional experiences that relate to this second masters degree option of yours. Therefore, you must work on improving the presentation of your past academic and professional experiences at the start of your essay. Then, at the end, present information that will convince the reviewer that your future professional goals will greatly benefit from your completed studies in any of the 3 courses you mentioned. That will not be difficult for you to accomplish since you have made it clear that you already have a previous masters degree and you are merely continuing the studies in order to achieve a higher career goal.
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Nov 7, 2016   #5
Thank you. I will revise it.

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