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Scholarship - Explaining my career/academic goals

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Feb 12, 2014   #1

University Study Plan

First of all, I would like to thank University / for the amazing opportunity presented to me in the form of the Scholarship.

My academic year has been incredible and productive. The opportunities had allowed me to experience unforgettable moments both my social and academic life. scholarship award really fuels me to go beyond my limit in maintaining good grades.

I am also flexible when it comes to balancing extracurricular activities and academics.

Right now I am involved in dance club of The University. I have to mention that it is not only about dancing but also building a relationship with other students.

Diversity gives a reason to understand one another and move beyond our differences and accept one another for who we are. One of the remarkable events I experienced was Saho- sai festival. I performed my traditional dance in the festival and I was the representative of the ??? program of the University.

One of the engaging events I had at the elementary school. I participated at the cultural program and gave presentation about Bazaars. Rising cultural awareness among young generation was very pleasing. I was honored to find out that they made flags and special handmade present. Diversity is very important in school and very crucial for kids because it could be very useful for them in their future career and studies. Moreover, I was foreign counselor at the English School where I spent 1 day with kindergarten kids and engaged with various activities with them and also shared my traditional dance as well.

I participated in University Model United Nations that also impacted my life positively. This was the most life changing experience I had ever encountered so far. I once again was given another opportunity be a role model in someone else's eyes. I put my role skills on a higher level where we all helped each other and came up with decent resolutions as a team. I learned leadership and team-work while conference. I learned how to communicate effectively while working together on tasks; teamwork isn't as easy as it might sound but I learned my way around it to make it a positive atmosphere.It was a privilege to take part in and being a member of international Negotiation club which helped me develop my debating skills.

Career option after graduation:

Once I receive my B.S. in Social Science from University of my goal is to attend graduate school. After graduation I intend to continue my studies and apply for Master's degree at the University. There is a special program offered for Students.

Throughout University years, I want to expand my horizons and build up connections that can be used in my professional career. I go above and beyond in everything I do and I am not afraid to push outside of my boundaries to achieve something beneficial to my success. I want to participate in several outreach programs and become an advocate for positive change in areas of need. In addition, I believe my decision to pursue the master's program would meet my long-term career goals and the knowledge, skills and experiences gained through such a program would bring newer insights in my professional potential, personal outlook on life and society.

If I am given the honor again of being a part of this scholarship program I will do my very best to maintain my grades and I promise that I will comply with the clause of requirements of this scholarship program.
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Feb 12, 2014   #2
I have to talk about my education goals but things i have done so far is already one page. I really need help making my essay concise but appealing.
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Feb 12, 2014   #3
First of all, I would like to thank University ???/ for the amazing opportunity presented to me in the form of the ????Scholarship.

Have you been already granted this scholarship?
Also, at the beginning you mention this is going to be your study plan, but the contents do not seem like a study plan. Also it talks very little about your career and future goals. I think you better post the full prompt here so that we get a clearer idea as to what it expects from you.
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Feb 12, 2014   #4
Have you been already granted this scholarship?

Yes, i have been granted this scholarship ones, this is my second year for applying to this scholarship.

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