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How will you extend yourself beyond your studies to become actively involved in Irish society

mattuche 1 / -  
Mar 2, 2020   #1


2. As a GOI-IES Scholar, how will you extend yourself beyond your project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize your academic / cultural exchange experience and raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond? (15 marks) MAX 500 WORDS *

As a GOI-IES scholar I intend to take my studies to heart but I will also be actively involved in Irish society by engaging in the following activities.

Firstly, by being part of voluntary organizations like the Irish Red Cross, and engaging in activities like Blood donation (I believe giving blood is an easy way to save lives), Disaster relief, training, and certification in order to create awareness and save lives. Another prominent voluntary organization is the Catholic Guides of Ireland, being a devoted Roman Catholic I would like to join this organization and be part of the group of adult volunteers.

Secondly, by organizing free coaching classes for children. Everyone, at some point or another, had a coach and those that greatly impacted our lives. As a GOI-IES scholar, coaching and training kids at a tender age on the application and importance of science and technology is a significant way to invest in the future generation of Irish society in the Aspect of Science and Technology. However, combining practical knowledge from my working experience and skills acquired as a GOI-IES scholar I will effectively impact a basic knowledge of IT System Engineering on young talented minds.

In addition, to be highly involved in Irish society, I intend to participate in internship programs like the Dublin Internships to improve my knowledge and skills in Communication Engineering. Sports, being a player and a lover of football, I intend to join the TU Dublin Football team in other to engage in football competitions. Also, being part of the Student Union and engaging in campus social activities will be a considerable way to raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme by means of social media, blogs, and vlogs, encouraging more talented minds to study in Ireland and thus contribute to the Irish economy

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,031 2721  
Mar 2, 2020   #2
Of the 500 word allotment for this essay, you should be writing at least 400 words to help better inform the reviewer about your plans. Your first sentence is not really required. You should not use word fillers in this type of essay because this is a written interview. That means, you need to get to the point immediately. If you don't catch the reviewer's interest within the first paragraph of your essay, you will have lost your chance to win the necessary points to win the scholarship.

So, for the Irish Red Cross section, it sounds like you are already an existing Red Cross volunteer. Am I right? If so, then you should indicate that you plan on continuing the Red Cross activities you have been highly involved with in your home country once you get to Ireland. That way, the reviewer will know that you have at least one continuing activity that can seamlessly help you blend into Irish society. Then, indicate that when you return home, you will make sure that your chapter of the Red Cross will know about how the Irish side works, possibly emulating projects and / or coordinating projects on both sides of the world when possible.

Don't use the word "coaching" in the second paragraph. Instead, offer yourself up as a "mentor" to young students. Indicate how you will join the university organization that does community service. Explain that the focal point of your activities will be to entice children to learn more and to develop their interest in Science and technology. Your paragraph about that topic is just about right. It just requires a few adjustments to make it more appropriate for the activity.

The last paragraph you have is also good. It shows how you can enjoy yourself while continuing to follow your athletic pursuits in the country. What is lacking in your presentation though, is the reference to how you will continue to promote the GOI-IES mission objectives upon the return to your country. That was indicated in the prompt so you have to think about how you can extend the network of the scholarship in your country and how you can help be the bridge between your two countries in the process. Think of how you can get together with the other graduates of the scholarship in your home country and what projects you can pursue in the name of the scholarship organization or similar projects. It's all about the network you create to help both sides at the end that will matter in this essay.

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