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Failure, or as I like to call it, the "F" word is like a curse-word for me. 'Best word' essay

EdgardoCorrea 1 / -  
Apr 29, 2015   #1
Hey guys so I'm applying for a scholarship and the topic is, "What is your favorite word." I'm not the best writer, but if you can give me your honest opinion on my essay, thanks friends.

Failure, or as I like to call it, the "F" word. It's a word that is as ugly as a baboon's behind. The word itself has a reputation of demolishing dreams, desires, and goals, used to crush one's character, by murdering your ego; needless to say, failure is a serial killer. I treat "Failure," as if it were a curse-word, and I love everything about it, and it serves as my most beloved word.

In the spring of my sophomore year I was determined to run for an executive officer position for SkillsUSA Texas, a non-profit organization of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Beforehand I had spent a full year working on my campaign with endless study sessions, attending public speaking seminars, and customizing pins and buttons, at the time I was single-minded to achieve my dreams. I made the final round to become a state officer, I walked up onto the stage and gave a memorable speech in front of 600 delegates, a monumental moment for me and I was positive the position was mine! Unfortunately, I was wrong, and embarrassed that I lost the election. I felt like a total failure in which made me feel blue and bitter, but as my teacher told me, "Failure can teach us lessons that success cannot."

Last March, I attended the same conference with even more ambition, and determination, and knowledge than ever. and I wouldn't let myself go down without a fight! Today I can say I currently serve as a SkillsUSA Texas State Officer, and selected to be the SkillsUSA National Officer Candidate out of a large pool of talented students. The only reason I achieved such a significant position was because failure served as an invitation to try again. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and achieve accomplishments if it weren't for failure. Through failure I was able to utilize those skills and transform them to success. Failure leads to accomplishments and achievements. When we accept failure it has been proven that we get closer and closer to achieving our goals.

It irritates me that today society has defined failure as a means "giving up" on your mission, but in reality it is merely defined as, "lack of success." Failure is like that tough question in math class. When you fail to correctly answering that answer the question, you are actually learning from your mistakes in order to succeed the next time. In other words, failure teaches us how we cannot succeed, in order to learn how to achieve, its a paradox. The "F" word is ugly and will hurt us, but in the end it actually builds character. Through Failure I was able to become the individual that I am today. The power of failure can light up our paths to success and re-assess goals so that we can adjust to the right direction. The way we reflect on our disappointments and setbacks will make a significant impact on your success. Is it ironic that my favorite word is, "failure,"; or is it ironic that failure will help us succeed?

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