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The field of Applied Physics with specialization on Plasma Physics. STUDY PLAN for Scholarship

rahmifzh 1 / -  
Jan 12, 2017   #1
I make this essay for applying scholarship, I hope someone could review my essay and give some comments and advice for better essay, Thank you :)

By: Fauziah Rahmi

plasma technology and diabetes in indonesia

Plasma, refers to gaseous substance consisting charged particles and neutrals, is one of physics science cultivation. It often described as the fourth state of the matter alongside the other states, namely solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma has been used in industry for applications; some experimental studies have been carried out for agriculture, textile, energy, and environment. One of fascinating applications of plasma is its use for biomedical application due to its capability to produce biological molecules like reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) that recently emerged as promising tool in cancer therapy and wound healing.

On the other side, According to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics in 2016, Indonesia was recorded into 10 countries with highest diabetes rates in the world. The effect of diabetes is wound at patient foot. Currently, the process of wound healing for patient who suffering diabetes through conventional healing and some medical treatments which are relative expensive and needs long time process. In this case, plasma becomes one of alternative treatment for wound healing. More importantly, few studies have shown that plasma could improve the healing process by accelerating blood coagulation, sterilization, and re-epithelialization around the wounded area. In Germany, it has been applied on patient in hospital and in Asia like Japan and Korea is tested on animal, and in Indonesia, this study still on basic level. In the future, plasma technology is massively prospect for medicine technology and very promising. This promising invention needs to be developed in my country, which confronts lack of scientist and facilities support for this field. Therefore, I am motivated to carry on my master's degree in field of Applied Physics with specialization on Plasma Physics.

Queen's University Belfast (QUB) is one of prestigious university in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. It is ranked 8th in United Kingdom for research intensity and being a member of the Russel group which is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. Having excellent facilities and high quality on education and research mean that I could gain a great deal of practical experience during their program, which is valuable asset for my future career to be a lecturer and expert on plasma field and its applications. Therefore, I am intended to pursue my master's degree at QUB in which they have researches on plasma physics. Queen's University Belfast has many varieties research areas in plasma, one of them is non-thermal plasma. Non-thermal plasma has focused on atmospheric pressure plasmas and jets, and plasma medicine. The applications that have been explored by QUB are plasma medicine for sterilization, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, and so on.

Master program in Queen's University Belfast has one-year duration with total modules are 6 modules and one physics project. In the first semester, I will take three modules are Applied Physics Research Methods, Applied Lasers and Plasma Physics, and Applied Medical Devices. For the second semester consists three modules are Condensed Matter & Material Science Research, Atomic, Molecular & optical Physics Research, and Astrophysics Research. The modules are designed to enable student to appreciate and understand the theoretical and experimental background in both pure research and applied physics. Furthermore, physics project is performed to complete master degree by joining with research group in QUB in which area interested in.

To complete my master's degree in Queen's University Belfast, I am going to enroll with Centre for Plasma Physics and pick non-thermal plasma research area. This research group program seeks to identify the basic processes that initiate and sustain cold atmospheric pressure plasmas and investigate their interactions with soft materials such as polymers and bio-materials for plasma medicine. The merit of this research is to obtain proper method and appropriate for biomedical application.

I personally believe that Indonesia needs this technology based on the problem above. After finishing my master's degree I hope my research could contribute for medical technology in Indonesia and I have planned to develop plasma technology which capable to process wound healing; being a lecturer and sharing about plasma knowledge to next generation; and can afford to publish national and international journal.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,826 2621  
Jan 12, 2017   #2
Fauziah, when you write a study plan for your masters degree, you must present a thorough discussion of your thesis statement and the procedure by which you will be researching the topic during the duration of your studies a the university. You have to present the relevance of the topic you have chosen to research in the betterment of health in your home country. Most importantly, you have to indicate how you hope this research can help to alleviate the existing health conditions that your country has to deal with. Think about how the research can be implemented in your country, how the scholarship can help you implement the changes you want to make through its network, and how your success in implementing your study plan might be measured by the scholarship committee. That is the nature of a normal study plan that has an overview of the post study plan involved. What are the scholarship specific requirements for the presentation of your study plan? Can you share the actual instructions with us here so that we can better align the advice that is given to you in terms of the demands of the scholarship? I feel like the advice I have given you can be adjusted, I am just not sure how to do it without knowing the scholarship prompt requirements.

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