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Formed not born - Leadership Experience - Chevening Essay

dsari1602 1 / 2  
Oct 12, 2020   #1
Hi @Holt and other reviewers, kindly need your advice regarding my essay on Leadership Skills as a part of Chevening Essay. Thank you

Leadership Skills - Chevening application

Leadership is formed not born. Speaking of leadership, the definition of leadership itself might be different for some people. In my perspective, leadership is being trust. Trust are the basic element and essential part of leadership. Why? Because without trust, it's impossible to leading or cooperating with someone else. Trust in leadership means you are both being trusted and trusting others. In addition, trust is also a determinant in influencing people. If you got someone trust, you will also have a chance to influence someone who trusts you. Both trust and influences are related to each other in order to build leadership skills. I currently work as a Campaign Specialist in my company. There was a time when my manager had trust me to led a project's campaign, besides I also trusting my team colleagues to helped me to succeed this campaign together. There are some following examples of my experiences on developing my leadership and influencing skills.

In May 2019 I had a chance for being a project leader of "Semangat Ramadan Ekstra (SRE)" campaign. This campaign aim to increase customer awareness and enthusiasm to purchase online during Ramadan period. This project was quite challenging for me since this was my first project which i have to lead the project with my limited experience. My responsibility is not only to attract customer with offered promo but also provide them with the seamless user journey. To achieve this, I planned promos that provided on the campaign by led a discussion between all my team members. I give them opinion regarding what was the best promo that could be provided. Furthermore, after planned the promo, I also conduct a meeting with marketing team in order to ensure and maximize all the marketing visibility relating to the promo. Beside that, to ensure the seamless user journey, I also conduct a meeting with product and tech team to discuss the promo flow and create a mitigation plan if there will be some problems during the campaign. In fact, during the campaign, there was a problem in our apps due to high traffic where customer could not transacted. To overcome this, I directly turned off all internal visibility in order to reduce direct traffic, I also coordinated with product team to placed an information issues at our platform. After that, our platform could be accessed again within 4 hours later. As the results, this campaign managed to contribute 131k transaction which is 50% higher than daily transaction. In addition this campaign also succeed to acquire 70k new customer came to our platform.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,647 3480  
Oct 12, 2020   #2
Do not define leadership in a whole paragraph. It is more important to prove you have leadership skills by showing the reviewer your capability to lead. If you notice, your definition paragraph does not follow through on an applicable example of your leadership style in the second paragraph. Therefore, your definition and experience do not create a cohesive presentation. Those 2 have to connect. It is the difficulty in connecting a definition with your actual leadership skill and style that makes me advice the applicants to skip the definition and instead, focus on reflecting their leadership qualities through a narration of applicable leadership instances on a professional level. Unfortunately, your professional depiction is not really impressive. It is too simple and does not reflect your leadership ability as a potential leader in your field of work. The best definition for that paragraph would be a discussion of you as a Team Leader. A Team Leader does not automatically translate into a potential to become a national leader, which is what the Chevening scholarship looks for in its potential candidates.
IntegrityFaj001 1 / 3  
Oct 12, 2020   #3
The first paragraph , you dont really need to define leadership using the whole paragraph . The leadership essay wants you to talk about what leadeship means to you .Your last paragraph was nice using your past leadership role experience.
kte3005 1 / 2  
Oct 12, 2020   #4
There is no need to define leadership, should use the word limit to focus on yourself and demonstrate your ability.
Good example, you showed where you encountered a problem and was able to resolve it and you were able to give quantifiable results, however, is there any other examples where you showed leadership? It can be at the Uni level seeing that you already have a great example in a professional setting.
enjoplin 1 / 3  
Oct 13, 2020   #5
Hi! I would start with the second paragraph and then explain what Leadership means to you, that could be a nice conclusion.

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