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Future plan - KGSP program - I want to dedicate my efforts and abilities to Korea

yuukisnow 1 / -  
Mar 12, 2017   #1
Hello friends

this is my futur plan after studying in korea , hope u can check it with mee
many thanks

my plans for the future

After finishing my Phd studies i want to dedicate my efforts and abilities to Korea ,as a gratiture to the country that granted me with all relevant knowledge and education.to do this i plan to work in one of the lead industries in korea such as hyundai motors, posco.... Which is mobilizing for contributuing to the sustainable growth. I want to take up a position in the Research and Development department where I can put into contribution my skills acquired during my studies to improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain management in the industry that will trust me.

i see Also that holding a position in industries that have such enviremental interst will be a great opportunity for applying my research projet Which will help the company reduce carbon emissions and this is well aligned with the strategy of Korea who has embraced a vision of 'Low Carbon, Green Growth' as the core of the country's new vision.

Besides the research carrer in the private sector , i plan to be lecturer , i want to teach some courses such as supply chain management, logistics and transportation. By sharing my knowledge with the future generation, I will help them to be a useful person for the country

After few years, i would like to go back to my country , and provide my contribution there.in fact that
XXXX has putting the green developement at the forefront of its priorities. To accompany this strategy i plan to
create a green industries organisation In collaboration with experts in supply chain management and sustainable logistics dedicated to supporting and promoting a sustainable economic growth By Scaling up and mainstreaming proven practices to reduce negative environmental impacts ,Transforming manufacturing into more effective contributors to sustainable industrial development , Helping enterprises improve resource productivity and environmental performance (greening of existing industry), and Helping to create new green industries)

after fiew years i plan to start my own business , a fashion company, Which will have its headquarters in XXXand a network of boutiques in the world especially in korea to boost the XXX-korean business partnerships
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,876 4563  
Mar 12, 2017   #2
Sunhi, don't keep the reviewer guessing about the timetable for your plans. Be specific. For example, in order to gain ample work experience in Korea that can be beneficial to your home country, say that you will spend 3 years living and working in Korea for (company) Discuss what you hope to learn from the company during the period which you hope to take back to your home country with you. About the lecturer thing, I believe that will require additional training in a different field before you can do that. So it would be best to leave that out of this essay. It does not directly relate to the information sharing you could undertake in your home country simply through the training or your cooperation with the relevant department members in order to enact information sharing and practical knowledge transfer. Give a timetable for the start of your business as well. More importantly, please review your essay for the problematic punctuation and grammar issues that you inadvertently left in the essay draft. Make sure those problems are resolved in the revised version.

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