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Gemi, nastiti, ngati-ati is Javanese philosophy my mother has always said to me CHEVENING Leadership

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Oct 30, 2016   #1
I have answered 4 questions of Chevening Scholarship.
Could you please help me revise or edit. I am really appreciate. Thanks

1. Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers ...

Gemi, nastiti, ngati-ati is Javanese philosophy my mother has always said to me. These three words serve as a local wisdom and have been echoed through stories and talks since I was a little. Gemi means thrifty. Nastiti means prudent. And Ngati-ati means careful. These powerful words have led me to invest in self-mastery, develop teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills, and inspire me to be ready for the time when it comes. Hence, my first leadership experience came from being group leader in the 46th Indonesia Independence Day Celebration stage performance during elementary school where my friends and I helped each other prepare all the necessary things. I first seek to understand what we had and what we could do. Next, I broke down the tasks, offered to the suitable person, and synergized our movement in which within the time it allowed us to uncover new possibilities through openness and creativity.

After my bachelor's degree graduation, I worked at Junior High School 49. During which I was assigned to develop English and IT clubs and proudly motivated my student to achieve 2nd rank in Storytelling Competition - DKI Jakarta Province level.

In the desire to serve my country, in 2012 I with my fellow teachers and students participated in the 2012 International Thinkquest Competition. As the head of both English and IT clubs, we won the Outstanding Entry that Finished in the Top 10% category, in which 5,624 teams that equal to more than 2500 schools from approximately 50 countries joined the competition. Thus encouraging our students and fellow teachers bringing up Indonesia on the world stage.

My work experience with public school and private educational institutions has taught me one big thing that leadership is to serve others, to empower others and to inspire others to learn as I learn to continue growth and improvement and renew ourselves physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. Having more than 10 years of work experience, I have sorted the meaning of leadership into lead-to lead people is to influence them to move, ladder-to climb the ladder is to foster initiatives and give birth to leaders, and ship-to navigate the ship is to show the way to success. Therefore, recently in Buahati Islamic High School, a new-born school that combines memorizing Quran with national curriculum and full day with boarding school system, I was promoted as the Vice Principal to lead team of 13 wide-ranged teachers and 79 wide-disparity students. To overcome this challenge, I followed the Lead-Ladder-Ship principle. During the first three months, we managed to simplify the module, improve students' leadership and other constructive characters in student council diverse programs and activities and collect Rp.100,000,000-tuition fee in two weeks before the Mid Semester 1 Test took place.
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Oct 30, 2016   #2
Hello, there! First of all, I'd like to share one rule of this forum: Please post only one essay in each thread. Otherwise, the moderators will not read your extra essays and delete them. So please post the others in separate threads. I'm also a newbie to this forum and posted 2 essays at the same time and a contributor remind me that information. Secondly, I think you should focus more on the Major achievements you got by your leadership skill. Hope this would help! Cheers!
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Oct 30, 2016   #3
Rani, I would advice you not to include the elementary parade that you participated in. This is a professional scholarship you are applying for. As such, you are expected to have more in-depth leadership skills than something that happened all the way back when you were a little girl. Instead, highlight your professional life some more.

The only problem that I think you will have with portraying your leadership role as a vice principal is that not everyone will be familiar with the leadership definitions that you have outlined. Would it be possible for you to offer an overview explanation of what these are for the benefit of the reviewer? Then explain the difficulties regarding your changing your curriculum and collection of funds.

When you speak of your leadership skills, focus solely on your job as a vice principal. That is the most notable and impressive line of leadership and influencing that you have to present. Don't wast the word count with the trivial discussions that came before it. Improve on that presentation because that is where your true leadership abilities can be properly highlighted.
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Oct 31, 2016   #4
Rani, talk less about the curriculum testing method in the last paragraph and more about what the demands of national testing had on you as a vice - principal and leader at your school. How did you lead the teachers in their preparation for teaching the students so they would pass this test? More importantly, how would the performance of the students reflect on you as a leader? What difficulties did you face and how did your ability to influence people play a part in this situation? Don't mention money collection at all. It doesn't really shed light on your influencing skills directly because you did not make any mention of what you did to help collect the money.

Towards the end of your essay, you lost track of yourself and your leadership / influencing skills. You need to walk back the essay so that it will refocus on you and your leadership and influencing abilities. This is not about the school, it is about your ability to lead the members of the school. Focus the essay on that and drop everything else that takes the attention away from you as per the focus of the essay.

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