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Ghana agricultural commodity - Chevening (Career plan) essay

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Oct 7, 2019   #1

to promote trade between Ghana and the uk

According to a report by Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS7) conducted in 2016/17, indicated that extreme poverty is a rural phenomenon and even though half of Ghana's population is rural they contribute more than 80 percent to Ghana's poverty incidence. Majority of rural doers depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimated that 54% of Ghana's working population was employed in the agricultural sector. This could increase across all the regions if more efforts are directed there and this is why am seeking to build on my experience with rural poor communities around Volta region to pursue a career in International Development. This will impact me with the requisite knowledge and skills to implement policies on poverty reduction and jobs creations through entrepreneurship in agriculture and rural development.

In the short term, I plan to work with Compassion International Ghana as a Partnership Facilitator for Tongu Cluster in the Volta region. In this role, I will be the key link in relationship with the local churches and the cornerstone in Compassion's strategy to build up the capacity of local churches and rural communities for holistic child development and releasing children and caregivers from Poverty in Jesus Name. My acquired skills and knowledge will help me to develop a comprehensive programs that will provide consultation and technical advice for church partners and communities on how to accomplish Child and Youth development and facilitates internal, external resources to support programing to reduce poverty among children and people.

In medium term, I see myself starting entrepreneurship in Volo and its environs in agricultural activities of rural farmers by empowering them with the needed requisite skills and knowledge to transform agriculture and small local scale business into a viable business. I will achieve this by writing proposals to Compassion International Ghana, Government and other relevant rural enterprise such as Ghana Investment Promotion Center to secure funding to increase smallholder farms productivity and other small scale business, enhance marketing systems and offering business, safety standards and technical skills training. I will personally enter in the growing of crops production like maize and cassava and also rearing of goat and sheep, this will also employ more extension officers and create more jobs opportunities.

In the Long term, with the experience and skills gained, I will build on my success with the Country minister of Food and Agricultural and the Minister of Trade and Industry in Ghana, to develop an innovative technology to transform Ghana's Agricultural sector to secure food security and create more jobs. This will be done through establishing agricultural commodity market and food manufacturing company in the Volta Region of Ghana. This will enhance marketing systems, businesses and exporting farm products to global markets in the world and processing raw farm products into finished goods. In addition, I plan to negotiate with United Kingdom Multinationals such Dawn Farms to increase their fair-trade products in Ghana. This will promote trade between Ghana and the United Kingdom, deepen our relations and create jobs and opportunities for the UK trade and investment. By following this career progression I shall intermittently evaluate my goals to ensure that they are still relevant in meeting the prevailing circumstances of my country Ghana.

Generally training in the United Kingdom will help me to develop networks especially with Chevening Scholars and collaborations that will contribute to reducing poverty and creating jobs especially among rural residents in Ghana. This is in line with DFID initiatives in Ghana on poverty reduction and global prosperity which is also part of global goal 1, 2 and 8 of Sustainable development.

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Oct 9, 2019   #2
Welcome to the forum! I hope that this feedback helps you in your writing endeavors. If it does, don't hesitate to approach us for more information. Best of luck!

Firstly, what I primary suggest is moving around your paragraphs to have more organization. Consider the current second paragraph as the first, switching around the two. Doing this would help you go from critical point A to background B - instead of the other way around.

Furthermore, what I would also suggest is trying to compartmentalize your writing. It strains your writing when you have to over-explain all of the details. What would be better, though, is if you are able to structure your writing in a way that will enrich one part over the other. For instance, when you're discussing the trade relationships, you can omit the broad details and focus only on the specifics. This will show dedication and actual knowledge rather than merely outwards.

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