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GKS Statement of Purpose - Language Study Plan

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Feb 25, 2021   #1
Hello! I'm Al from Indonesia, and I will apply to GKS-G 2021 on the embassy track. I hope somebody would like to help me to review my statement of purpose. Many thanks for considering my request. Have a nice day :)

Language Study Plan

Growing up in Indonesia is such a blessing. A country with multicultural and multi-languages make me more comfortable to adapt and learn new languages. I have been moving a lot from town to town when I was in elementary school. The mandatory in most provinces to have vernacular on the curriculum made me learn more than three languages besides Bahasa Indonesia and English.

I will use the method that I used when learning new languages back to my elementary school moment. Because Korean and Bahasa Indonesia have differences between formal and informal speeches, I will learn elevated Korean basics. I divided my plan to learn Korean into three parts. My first and second plan is to start from now to make it easier for me to continue learning Korean after coming to South Korea.

First, which what I am doing lately; I learn how to write and read Hangul. I am trying to memorize in a month and practice by reading and re-writing lyrics or short articles from the internet.

Second, I will add my vocabularies and learn the grammar, learn formal and informal words from YouTube videos, mobile applications, and find native friends to practice with. I am planning to know more than 1.000 words every two months. Right now, I only know few words, but I will keep adding my vocabularies.

Third, I will have a conversation and write a formal and informal text to native friends. I will also try to exercise the TOPIK exam questions to boost my Korean language skill. I am confident that I will reach the score of TOPIK 4 in less than a year. I have a target to be fluent in Korean. Not only the language, but I will also explore the culture and assimilate to the Korean way of life.

For English, I have been practicing on IELTS for six months. I have taken three mock tests and joined an English course on the Udemy platform. I am still trying to boost my writing and speaking ability to reach an overall band of 6.5. After coming to Korea, I will take the IELTS test and improve my English by writing scientific articles and journals, joining the English club, and International events.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Feb 26, 2021   #2
. I am trying to memorize in a month

- Trying to memorize what in a month? Hangul characters and alphabet? English spelling of Hangul words? There are so many ways that reference can be interpreted since you left it open to interpretation. Clarify that part.

reading and re-writing lyrics or short articles from the internet.

- Perhaps include a reference to translating Bhasa Indonesia to Hangul to better prepare and understand how the language works or how you can better transliterate from your language to Hangul with accuracy.

. I am planning to know more than 1.000 words every two months.

- Be realistic, just aim to learn as many as you can in a month since this is a pre-arrival in Korea language study plan. Do not set unrealistic goals. Formal lessons in a Korean language school would also be a more admirable and realistic language learning plan. Everything you are discussing are not assurances that you have a viable study plan for the language and that you can actually learn the basic language before you go to Korea, if you pass the screening and interview that is.

TOPIK 4 in less than a year.

- Too low. Aim for the actual passing score or higher. Hence the need for you to attend formal language school.

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