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GKS undergraduate personal statement for media and communications major

Reina 1 / -  
Aug 6, 2022   #1

Personal Statement

My name is Chan Myae Kyi Thar. I was born and raised in the countryside. My family is an ordinary family and both of my parents are health workers. I am currently a university student but my education journey is postponed due to COVID and some other situations in my country.As both of my parents work at the Ministry of health, they want me to be a doctor. The younger me thought that I had the same thought with my parents.Thus, I studied hard since primary school and as a result, I got acceptance from University of Medicine.But, when all the schools are temporarily closed due to COVID, I started to realize that being a doctor is not my passion. As a 17-year-old girl at that time, I did not know what I really wanted to be. Therefore, I started to find my true passion.

I started learning Korean about two years ago. SInce then, I have found out that I am passionate about learning Korean and have been enjoying my language journey. After I have graduated from high school, I tend to join university immediately. The time I spent there is only 4 months but I became more independent after being a university student. The university is far away from my hometown and so I have to do it all alone without my parents, for daily food,transportation,monthly financial management and so on.That experience made me to be mature and also to know how to survive alone. I got to learn how to communicate with different kinds of people in society. Most people are friendly to me and they say that I am a helpful and optimistic person.

During COVID, people had to stay at home and so, most of the normal activities are on hiatus, like education, business etc. Some of my friends and I wanted to do something that could benefit everyone, especially students. At that time, we cannot attend either schools or offline classes and most cannot pay for online classes. After having several meetings, we decided to found an organization called "Purity"with the aim of providing quality education to anyone who would like to make better use of their time without spending a dime. We had put our best efforts into making our aim come true. As a first step, we decided to recruit volunteer teachers and had to interview a lot of qualified candidates. We made sure that our volunteer teachers are well-qualified. We offered several classes, including language classes and even web design class. In addition to the above-mentioned aim, we also aimed for volunteer teachers to get hands-on experience. Nowadays, most job offers include experience requirements. We aimed to fill that requirement with our program. We also had several charities by the name of Purity. We faced many difficulties during this program. Some volunteers did not give full commitments and some students also. And also some did not give mutual respect to us for being young. We worked so hard day and night to fix those problems. We even also worked as facilitators in classes to help the teacher and to fix the commitment problem.That was an unforgettable memory for me. I learned what leadership is and also the management skills. I worked there as a founder and also Public Relations and Social Media Manager.Purity was the first step of finding my new aim and I literally realized what I am passionate about.

To be honest, I was not familiar with scholarship and study abroad.Until 2019, I was only thinking to study in local and didn't think about other study opportunities. School holidays are longer than I think because of COVID and my country's political situations.As I don't want to waste my time, I volunteered in various organizations in different roles. Those activities helped me alot to find my passion. I got new experience in communicating with many people, organizing, content writing , graphic design and so on. One of my memorable volunteer experiences was participating in the medical record team for covid control center. I am always proud of it. The society I got to know from these activities helped me alot to change my mindset and also thoughts for my education journey. I got to know many scholarship winners who are currently studying in foreign countries. They inspired me alot to be interested about scholarship and study abroad. Since then, I researched a lot about scholarships from many countries and also what major I want to study. In my leisure time, I mostly watch Korean dramas and listen to Korean songs. I wondered if I had a chance to study in Korea. I love Korean culture and lifestyle and also their education system. I also searched about Korean history and it is amazing how Korea could make it to be one of the 10 largest countries in the world.Thus, I started to research thoroughly for scholarships in Korea and found that GKS is the best and most suitable for the international students like me. Based on my previous activities, interests and research, I decided to take a media and communications major. Deciding to change major is a challenging thing for me. My decision can affect my future career and life. At first, I was too afraid to tell my parents about my decision. When I told them, they didn't give me permission at first. They only want to see me as a doctor.But because of my strong determination and not giving up,I could manage to get their permission to apply for this scholarship and change my major.I got only one chance, so I do not want to waste it. I will definitely try my best to acquire a Bachelor's degree in Korea if I am given a chance.As I have little knowledge for scholarship applying, I had to try harder than others and do more research from online and senior scholarship winners.l want to prove my ability to my parents by winning this scholarship. I really want to win this great opportunity and want to help my next generation in anywhere I have to work in future. I am really willing to get the benefits of this scholarship if given and I am confident that I will be the most dedicated for this chance.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4247  
Aug 6, 2022   #2
The writer needs to refocus the essay on a clear development of the interest in media and communications. The essay should be creating a strong foundation with regards to how the applicant was introduced to media and communications, how the interest was pursued through community activities and other related actions, and why there is a belief that the applicant will excel in this field as a student.

Do not focus so much on the interest in Korea on a general note. The same goes for the lack of background in international scholarships. A review of the prompt requirements will show that the only important aspect will be the development of the interest in Korea in relation to how their media influenced the decision to pursue this degree in South Korea. The last paragraph tends to focus on the wrong aspect of the application. Balance out the presentation paragraphs in a relevant manner. That means, all of the discussions should circle back to Media and Communications in general.
Subhratri 1 / 4  
Aug 7, 2022   #3
I think you should also provide some facts like how you met korean language , and this scholarship will help you in your field of study

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