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Global issues need global responses - Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?

SinSonng 1 / -  
Feb 15, 2021   #1
Please help me finalize this statement for

Australia Awards Scholarship 2021!

"Global issues need global responses." This sentence always inspires me to connect with the outsiders in the region to solve common issues. I decided to choose the University of Melbourne as my first preference since Master's Degree of Development Studies offers a wide range of subjects - Gender Issues in Development, Development Project Management and Design, and Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation, in which I believe that I would deeply gain the knowledge of the nature of relations between men and women in the world of social, economic, and politic aspects; additionally, I would also develop practical skills and interdisciplinary techniques to understand and assess the social impacts of development as well as the life cycle of project management. These kinds of knowledge will take me to another level of the person - working in the field of human trafficking, migration, and debt bondage - and I would automatically put into practice in order to work with relevant stakeholders to respond effectively and efficiently to help the vulnerable people and victims of migration and trafficking, in which resulted in the contribution to the status of Cambodia in the Trafficking in Persons Report in the future.

Furthermore, the Australian National University is the second preference of my choice. With the curriculum of Asian and Pacific Studies, the focus on China, gender and development, environmental issue, politic and international affairs in Asia and the Pacific, as well as security defense, will be taught in the class and I strongly believe that these kinds of subjects will broaden my knowledge and skills to work in sub-national, national, and regional level for good cooperation to combat human trafficking as a whole. All actors are interconnected with a common goal and it requires us to join hands together and respond immediately to the case of inhuman acts. Additionally, the professional experts in seminars, workshops, careers events and unexpected events while studying at Australia are the places where I could easily involve in the world of researchers and impactful persons in various fields of development, human trafficking in particular. I will use this network to make a better impact to society by working on a project together in the region on the topic of migration in the pandemic era. It would serve the benefits not only of Cambodia but also of other countries in the region of Asia and the Pacific.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 16, 2021   #2
Use that quote, and refer to the original speaker, as a stand alone presentation at the start. That will be the hook of your presentation that will introduce the reviewer to your response. Start your personal response in the next paragraph so as not to remove the impact of your chosen quotation. Do not use the word "Furthermore" to start your second university choice paragraph. That word refers to "In addition", which refers to a related topic. Since you are changing university references, you cannot say Furthermore", use that term to refer to additional reasons for your choice instead. Correct these presentation situations and you should have an essay ready to submit once completed.

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