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Global Korea Scholarship Personal Statement for Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering.

Dam2019 1 / -  
Feb 21, 2021   #1
Good Day,
I am applying for GKS, and here is my essay on the motivations with which you apply for this program.

Motivations with which you apply for this program

As a child, I recall studying through the burning light of a candlestick and lantern. The energy deficiency in my country made frequent power cuts a norm. This adversity laid my foundation for my interest in electrical engineering. From going up as a child, I have always had a creative ability of how things work, and the challenges of solving practical problems in the field of electrical engineering appeal to this trait.

I am particularly interested in electrical engineering because it has always been my first choice of course since the early days of my career because of the problem of insufficient and unreliable power generation, transmission, and distribution. Electrical Engineering happens to be the heart of engineering that allows breaking into several industries and sectors. I want to embrace a career that will improve and sustain the generation of electricity to fight the underdeveloped, unreliable power transmission and distribution.

One of the most promising solutions is to study in a country that has embraced the transition into renewable energy. Korea is well advanced in technology and has natural resources that will enable her to pursue a sustainable electricity strategy that combines energy, environment, economy and society. Moreover, the country's technological diversification will give me the potential to integrate new technologies into real life applications and the opportunity to develop advance practical skills that will give me the ability to solve the challenges of epileptic power supply which has always been an obstacle in my country.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,173 3638  
Feb 21, 2021   #2
The motivation aspect is only one of the considerable factors for your application. Unless I can read the complete essay for the personal statement, based upon the full prompt requirements, I cannot truly assess the validity of your motivation. In fact, you have wasted half a page on your motivation discussion alone, when there are several other discussion topics to be presented thoroughly to the reviewer. If you focus only on the motivation, you will run out of space for the other discussion points. The personal statement is not one essay topic per question, that is written as a cohesive and coherent summary of your responses to all the questions. This motivation response will not be considered with your application because you do not respond to the complete and overall discussion requirement for the presentation.
mariana_2314 1 / 1  
Feb 27, 2021   #3
Hello, I would definitely just summarize with the first paragraph the most important key factors of the others! Remember you have to cover as well other topics so it is important that you try to be concise. Hope it helps!

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