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Global Korean Scholarship Study Plan for Improve Language to reach my goals

karenntz_1097 2 / -  
Feb 7, 2020   #1

Essay Study Plants for improve language

Language is one of every human's ability to communicate to others human to make a conversation and talking which is have a purpose, On the other hand languange is a culture in every country where also describes the characteristics of the country from which we can see a uniqueness

Growing up amazed by the diverse culture difference from all over the world and gradually influenced by their media and culture, I developed interests in Korean and English. Achieving a goal, especially one as challenging as mastering foreign languages, requires much planning. Still, my primary focus, of course, is to become fluent in Korean, so I have developed a detailed plan of actions.

My plan to improve my skill about Korean Language, I have time table that I use to learn Korean Language before going to korea.:

- Learn basic Korean Grammmar from Korean language textbook
- Memorizing 10 Korean Words per dayand write it on a book.
- Make one paragraph sentence in Korean, once a week
- Try to read some Korean Articles
- Watch some Korean Shows would help my accent skill
- To improve my listening skill I will watch some audio listening from YouTube

After I come to Korea, I will follow Korean Language Class and sharpen my Korean Language ability,
I will try:
-To always attend my language training classes which will expand my knowledge about the structure of Korean grammar and improve my vocabulary.
-Reach my goal is to be able to receive a TOPIK 6 certificate within the first year of Korean language training in korea
-Learn about Korean Manners in communication
- Getting more Korean friends will surely allow me to become a proficient speaker.

At the end my goals when I enter campus life I will be able to write in Korean language well so when I have assignments and should deals with Korean language, I can do it well. I will try my best to improve my Korean language ability at speaking to more fluent and be able to have a long conversation with the teachers and friend as well.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4179  
Feb 7, 2020   #2
While your expertise in English writing is probably just as bad as your Hangul at this point, I can sense the effort that you placed in your response to the study plan. Unfortunately, you focused your response only on how you would like to improve your Hangul before and after you come to Korea. The study plan requires a presentation of language learning plans for at least 2 languages, English and Korea, along with any other language that might be of interest to you. I believe that this essay requires you to revise the content.

The first part can focus on discussing how you plan to learn Hangul (good plan by the way) and the last part, could be about how you plan to better your English language use (before and after), with a focus on scoring well either in the IELTS or TOEFL test so that you can have proof of your English proficiency as well. Remember, the books you will be reading as a student will be either in Hangul or English. Therefore, you need to present an interest in learning the 2 languages that will help you study better in Korea. The focus on English learning will be to also help you get a better social life in Korea. Most students will be exposed to an international student community where English is more often than not, the de-facto language in use.

After you revise the essay, you may need some editing help to finalize the presentation grammatically. Just to make it easier to read and understand on the part of the reviewer.

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