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Global Markets Local Creativities Master application


I should outline how the programme my previous studies, how complements and develops it. How are related to my future. Why I think I am a good candidate and how realted this master is to my studies

I am applying for the Global Markets Local Creativities Master with the study track on Global Markets and Development because I have been looking for a multidisciplinary programme that complements my prior knowledge in International Trade and Business, Entrepreneurship and Project Management; a programme that challenges me to adapt and change according to circumstances, which I consider, is a valuable life skill. Not to mention the opportunity to study at top Universities around the world.

This programme combines all topics I am interested in such as understanding the process, impact and responses to internationalisation and globalisation on cities and regions and how to complement global trends with a local perspective, the new realities in International Trade, as well, the impact of Micro and Macroeconomics in Development Economies.

Living in three different countries provides a wider perspective of a globalised economy, it would help me to value and better understand the cultural differences; also, through teaching assessment methods of each University I will learn how to develop practical skills thus enhancing my employability in the global marketplace. Moreover, I found enrichment the internships offered by the study programme to enhance my learning experience. I was educated in a Montessori method, so, I truly believe in what Maria Montessori said: "I experience, I understand".

My academic performance has always been top of class and I involved myself in extra curriculum activities: I participated in Innovation and Entrepreneurship competences; I was selected to participate in a local Youth Parliament exposing and offering solutions to social matters. Leader of Student Society throughout High School, having the opportunity to organize a group of people to perform social and charity events. Due my excellent grades I was granted with a scholarship that covered my studies and French language classes; I took lessons in this language which helped me to better develop it. Also, I was selected to attend a national leadership seminar "SELIDER" where I gained a set of skills on how to manage a team, how to lead and find the best plan to accomplish goals. Recently I obtained a Scholarship: Santander Skills for Professional Development - ESADE where I acquired the skills To speed up the processes optimally and effectively, to influence the work teams and more important convert conflicts or failures into opportunities.

I hold a bachelor's degree in International Trade. Since 2019 I work in the import area as Logistics Coordinator for Terza an industrial company of Alfa Group, where I am responsible for overseeing the delivery of incoming goods and ensuring that they comply with customs regulations, I ensure the competitiveness of the company in the global environment by eliminating trade barriers and design commercial exchange strategies that facilitate the company to enter in international markets.

The effects of the Coronavirus ripple throughout the supply chain, we are currently experiencing the increased of the Chinese freight rates as a result of a mismatch between soaring demand and reduced supply capacity, plus labor shortages due lockdowns and restrictions which provokes Port congestion that has also led to global container shortages. This situation has a profound impact on trade and undermine socioeconomic recoveries, especially in developing countries.

This has been challenging my ability to respond to uncertainties and be resilient. I researched the international background in order to have a wider perspective and proposed some solutions in my local environment to this global matter: analyzing the feasibility of different means of transportations, as well, forecast the demand preparing for the inventory in advance to shorten the processing and delivery time.

I would like to seek a career in the International Cooperation for Development, that's where I see myself in the short-term future, I strongly believe that international cooperation is the key to success. I would like to build strategic alliance with the private and public sector in order to increase the presence of Mexican products in international markets, strengthens Mexico's country image as an attractive destination for investment and growing its integration into global value chain. My prior knowledge in supply chain and distribution complements and develop this career I am seeking. Also, I would love to teach and share the knowledge obtained in this programme with the younger generations in my country. I would like to teach in terms of the Universities systems I am having learned providing an innovating educational model in Mexico.

My drive in pursuing higher education is to further my growth as a globally competitive professional with a very unique profile, including a focus on creative economies and industries. Therefore, for my thesis I would like to analyze the impact and implications of international cooperation in emerging economies in the conditions of the global economic crisis. Specifically, in how Mexico handled of the pandemic impacted its globalization process. I found that the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to contain it highlight how a shocking event can disrupt an interconnected world economy. This demonstrates the need for policy regulations that strengthen the resilience of supply chains without undermining the benefits of international trade. I assume that Prof. DR. Hartmut Berghoff which is an expert in business history and globalization would be a perfect supervisor for my master thesis.

One of the things I am proudest of is received a grant by the local government to participate in a Workcamp hosted by Marburg municipality in Germany where I took German language classes which helped me to improve my proficiency, besides given me the opportunity to work, communicate, and approach with people from around the world in different foreign languages. This experience has taught me to be open to new ideas, and more important I realized that even with our differences there is a lot of commonalities between us.

I believe that my academic, professional, and international background make me a valuable asset to all Consortium partner Universities. I have had the opportunity to live many experiences through scholarships because, for me, it's the only way to enjoy them. That is why I put so much effort in what I do, in craving knowledge in order to always bring to the table my resilience, hard-work and compromise with my country and the program that brings their confidence in me and my potential.

GLOCAL Master's Degree aligns with my academic background, future goals, and interest to live more international experiences. I believe that humans are like birds, and we all belong to a flock, for me, GLOCAL is where I belong, and I have been looking for in long time. As Mexican I will present a positive image of my country and act as an ambassador amongst a select few lucky enough to be an Erasmus plus scholar.

I sincerely hope the admission committee finds my profile well suited for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
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Dec 29, 2021   #2
The essay is too busy. It is trying to over inform the reviewer, which will be a negative on the part of the applicant because the overall essay does not have any logical and chronological order to it. The simple and most basic elements are lost because of the biography type of presentation. The content must be better focused and concise. It must be guided by the prompt questions that were provided so that the proper merging of information can be achieved in this presentation. The applicant seems to have a mix of career plans, which are presented in several parts of the essay. So the merging of these interests, based on the academic background, and the academic prerequisites for both years in relation to a solid thesis presentation tends to be difficult to assess. The essay is in bad need of professional editing to help it get onto the right application track.