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'goal for my family and My Retirement goal' - academic goal and interests

seedeth 1 / -  
Nov 7, 2011   #1
My personal goal I would like to divide into different categories First professional goals, goal for my family and My Retirement goals. My short-term goal is to complete master degree. I would like to go for either public administration or masters in education as I go further in my graduate program I will decide. I would continue studying.

My academic goal is to earn a degree in education, leadership, and management major. That is the reason why I attended to the modern or highest universities. After I achieve my academic goal, I can start my career as an administrative officer or a manger in one organization which I can help others people. I really love this major, and I know I am going to be successful with this major. I love every aspect of it, especially to leader some by smoothly. Back to the days when I was in high school, when I was first working with team in my school, I was impressed when I learned how to manage worked and group. At the time, I knew that I would follow a major related when I go to college. My goal became more specific when I was in senior high school, and I will set my goal to research thesis like management and leadership. When I researched at BBA how to manage an organization, as the researching moved on, I feel very confident in the university because of my preparation. I know that I will become successful in my academic goal because not only I prepared well for my college but also I love my major. When we are interested in something, we are going to do it with passion. That is my case. I really enjoy the courses, which I am taking in my university. I know that I am going to achieve my academic goal, which is to earn a degree. Moreover, my reasons for going to school I would like to continue to grow I want to have the ability to think critically. I could set an example to my children and my student, that education is a lifelong process. Getting a degree will give sense of pride. Once I advance myself in this profession hopefully, it will open door for me in future to generate more income for my family and have a better quality of life, and the major will help me to promote my currently working to be a good employee.

Lastly, I could use the humbling experience of working with others that have more knowledge in areas I am unfamiliar with. I do eventually have the goal of being a well rounded individually I am very strong and passionate about it I want to excel it. Therefore, I am strongly willing to participate in whatever programs and activities which are needed to complete my goals in this institute. I am very committed to fulfilling my goals and as so, I will push myself in all ways to succeed and graduate so that I may fulfill my creative dream and to be a proud employee at a large computer gaming and animation industry.

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