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My goal is to make Nigeria that great nation it is. This master program will help me with this.

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Dec 29, 2017   #1

Why are you a suitable candidate for this program?

My purpose for applying to this master program is to both expand my knowledge and gain enough experience that can be channeled into something productive in the Nigerian public sector and the economy as a whole. When I decided to pursue a degree in Economics, my ultimate goal was to equip myself with the academic tools and experience to solve the real world economic issues. For my first undergraduate project, I decided to embark on a research that is titled "Security Challenges in Nigeria and Implications for Economic Development (A Case Study of North East Geo-Political Zone)", which is aimed at finding a lasting solution to the challenges the insecurity in the North East posed to the economic development of the region and the nation as a whole.

This Programme will provide me with the chance to gain knowledge from various cultures in Europe and offers an adept route to becoming a successful economic analyst, policymaker, and leader. I trust that pursuing this programme at Corvinus University of Budapest, Corvinus School of Economics and Eszterházy Károly University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, is especially crucial to developing a well-rounded perspective of the trends and development in economic analysis, policy making and leadership that is needed in Nigerian overall economic development particularly in the public sector.

Since I was little, all I wanted in life was to gain knowledge, experience, make available opportunities for others to succeed and accumulate wealth, so that I can help change the Nigeria situation and help the masses that are directly affected by such situation. Growing up in a country like Nigeria with a serious socio-economic problem kept me from thinking selfishly as regards my future goals, mainly because I saw the consequences of that way of thinking through the corrupt actions of our politicians and leaders, the struggle for power through oppression and poor implementation of development programmes. I decided that my goal is to make Nigeria that great nation it is.

I had my own challenges and experience as well. I am the second child in my family. I went to the university without expecting any form of financial aids from home. In fact, my undergraduate final year school fees were paid by a friend, to tell you how disappointing the situation at home is. My elder brother could not continue with his higher education because my mother, a subsistence farmer, could not pay his school fees. He later went to learn a trade. Since that day I made a decision that if there is going to be a graduate in the family, I will be the one. And my younger ones will follow suit. This and my poor background keep motivating me to do more to fulfill that dream. With my education I desire to change the Nigerian economic and leadership story, making policies and rendering a purposeful, focused and development-oriented leadership.

Undoubtedly, this master's programme will allow me to acquire extensive knowledge of the economic world, which I already admire, having been introduced to its processes, tools & techniques at my undergraduate level. It will also enable me to transfer these skills and knowledge to my country.

This master's degree will also help me realize my leadership potential and fast-track my career progression, especially in Nigeria's public sector. It will as well help me gain practical experience of what I learned, and how to apply it in an efficient way.

In fact, I intend to join the public on my return to Nigeria to expand my expertise & knowledge in the sector. My goal is to create and lead dream teams in the public sector, where everyone is playing to their strengths effectively towards national development.

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Dec 29, 2017   #2
Smart, there is a difference between a motivation and a purpose. There is actually an essay for the masters course known as the statement of purpose, that is where the purpose, as you have it stated here, is presented. In a motivation letter. You must explain the circumstances behind your desire to attend this particular course at this university. This is normally related to a pressing issue either in the workplace or, in your case, in your country that only and advanced degree in Economics can address. I believe that you need to write a new letter that best represents the motivation aspect of the essay. From what I gathered in this letter, you can use the following to address the motivation aspect in the revised version:

1. I can help change the Nigeria ... such situation.
2. I saw the consequences ... development programmes.
3. My goal is to create ... national development.
4. I trust that pursuing ... public sector.

The 4 sections that I indicated above are the most useful portions of this essay that you can use as the foundation of your next draft. These selections are part of the information that create informative motivational letters.
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Jan 11, 2018   #3
thank you @ Holt for your insightful comments

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