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Feb 16, 2021   #1

study-life balance

Q: As a GOI-IES Scholar, How I will extend myself beyond my project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize my academic/cultural exchange experience and to raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond.

A: I've always been about study-life balance, I'm focused and can multi-task. During my undergraduate studies, I took my academics seriously but also spared time for extracurricular activities such as attending workshops, meetings and seminars that gives exposure and current development in EEE in relation to evolving science and technology. This prompted my participation in the Nigerian Society of Engineers as a student member as well as attend meeting held by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Nigerian Chapter. I also built relationship by attending tech conferences which usually features top engineers with innovations and contribution to aid the development and growth of Nigeria.

Aside academics, I've participated in many awareness program like cancer, tuberculosis, safe sex, rape and many others. I was a member of Hospitality unit where I served by taking care of people. Also the project 1 million soul group, where our goal is to project/help 1 million people, we reached out to the orphanage homes, aged homes, prison and many other facilities. I've organized lots of skills acquisition and career development seminars both at my local church and at my alma-mater (Charis International College-secondary/high school).

Culturally, my country has 3 major tribes and during my one year service to the country I was posted to the North (Nasarawa- Hausa tribe) where I did my 3 weeks camping. I learnt to so much about their culture and I also shared mine during the carnival held. I'm curious and love to explore and learn new things and I know Ireland won't be any different.

While in search for a good school to do my masters, I applied to National College of Ireland and saw this scholarship, I created awareness through my social media platforms and explained it, a lot of people showed interest so I created a group chat and encouraged them to apply. I have already started making awareness and it would get better if I could be accepted for this scholarship. I intend to continue what I have been doing with my community and make myself available at educational conferences, exhibitions and summits to publicize and send out the good message of the GOI-IES scheme and other scholarship schemes that will help promote Ireland and her rich Culture. I would guide people through the application and answer any questions asked. I would be happy to use myself as a case study to share the information and knowledge to the Irish society, my country and the world at large. I will promote the Irish Education to the undergraduate student in Nigeria via social media during my stay in Ireland so they could select Ireland as their further study destination. Create a proposition for Irish Studies to be introduced as a discipline in Nigeria as it is being taught in other countries. This in return will help to promote Ireland's culture thus benefiting Ireland by: Increasing the amount and the quality of scholarship and research undertaken on Ireland and her history therefore instilling an interest in and a love of Ireland in students in Nigeria.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,562 3753  
Feb 17, 2021   #2
The essay does not show that you have had a long term interest in Ireland in relation to the culture, education, or social landscape of the country. You spoke solely about Nigeria in more than half the essay, which is not what was required by the prompt. The important part of this essay is to show that you have a familiarity with Ireland, its culture, way of life, or academic importance in the educational landscape. Your participation with them long term needs to be based on these interests as you discussed. These will show that you actually have a long term interest in Ireland. As far as your promoting the program, you did not accomplish that properly either in the last part of your response. Think of how you can promote the scholarship based on networks, social media, and highlighting your life as a scholar while in Ireland. Those should help you present more effective long term promotional considerations for yourself and the scholarship.
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Feb 19, 2021   #3
Please while I am working on the previous essay can you help me review this? Must go to a new thread (useless comments to start a new thread = ban).
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Feb 20, 2021   #4
I think you should look into the specific courses available under the program, mention those in the essay to help show the extent of your understanding of the program, and try to use those in conjunction with the educational methods utilized in the program to help identify and resolve any gaps that may exist in the educational landscape of your own country.