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'graduate school is a serious commitment'; My attempt at writing a self introductory letter for KGSP

maapokua 1 / 1  
Feb 25, 2016   #1
Korean Government Scholarship Program
Dear Admissions Panel,
I write this letter to introduce myself as a candidate for the Korean Government Scholarship Program 2016. My name is Nana Ama Pokua Asomani, 24years old born on 9th February,1992 in Accra, Ghana. In 2007, I sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examinations, passed and continued my high school education at Mfantsiman Girl's Senior High School. In May 2011, I graduated from high school and proceeded to the University of Ghana, Legon in September that same year. I spent four years at the pursuing Economics, Geography and Resource Development and philosophy and Classics. On the 24th may, 2015 I graduated from the university with a second class upper degree in Geography and Resource Development with Economics.

I am currently working at the Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory in the department of Geography and Resource Development of the University of Ghana, Legon. The decision to seek for graduate education and in Korea was arrived at after thoughtful deliberation as graduate school is serious commitment that requires all the efforts from the prospective student particularly when it involves a change of environment. I have been watching Korean dramas for some time now however, I developed keen interest in the Korean culture from watching Korean series and dramas and presently I can understand some words in the Korean language such as:' Noona' meaning sister, 'oppa' meaning brother to mention a few.

I am motivated by my urge to make a positive impact wherever I find myself and I hope to get a position in a university or other institutions where I can engage in research and teaching in the long term. On the short term I hope to work in the development sector with the advanced knowledge and intellect obtained from pursuing a graduate education in geography, it will create the enabling platform for me to use my research and knowledge for the benefit and development of society, become an expert in my field of work and contribute to important research and discoveries in and outside the academia community.

I wish to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program because I believe that acquiring graduate education in Korea coupled with the extra-curricular activities would give me the exposure to experience the culture and environment of Korea altogether and hopefully by the end of my study when I return to my home country I would be able to educate others on the culture and issues bordering on Korea, which will in the long run serve to improve the intercultural relationship existing between the two countries.

My dream is to able to work efficiently and effectively to ensure that Ghana is well developed as Korea is currently thus acquiring a graduate education in Korea, I believe is a step in the right direction.
bloomingdaisy 1 / 5  
Feb 25, 2016   #2
Hi @maapokua

I'm glad to meet you here as one of the applicant of KGSP too. I want to give you feedback on ur essay.

I think ur 1st paragraph should be more creative. I mean, we can't just write about our educational background like that. In my opinion, I think u can use the reason why u take that major, ur achievement, etc. Here I give u a link about how to write the essay:


I'm sorry I still can't give u a proper feedback because my grammar is not that good, to be honest, grammar is my weakness. so, I hope I'm not being rude to you about this. I hope the other can help u soon as well.

Wish u the best and hope we can meet soon as the awardee of KGSP.
Have a nice day!
moniquebedo 1 / 2 2  
Feb 25, 2016   #3
Hi there,

more that a grammar correction, here are some tips:

1. Te KGS gives you just one page to write your self-introductions, don't know how important is write about korean dramas and the words you know, this first page should be the way you seduce them with who you are, for example not put that you love korean dramas, put that you have been interested in corean culture long time ago and started learn it by yourself. this is your opportunity to stand out between all other candidates, learn a few words becuase of dramas don't make you special.

2. I consider the first paragraph should be more creative too (like bloomingdaisy said before), this is the thesis of who you are, could be good start with something personal that led you studied all that, your motivations and problemes to raise your goals.

3.Remember when in the KGS ask for "Your course of life, your view of life", so may be write more things about you as a person, an strong person, responsable, organized...qualities you have that could help you be consider for the scholarship.

this are just tips for your essay.

good luck

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