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The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things - Ronald Regan

mahmoud18 1 / -  
Dec 30, 2016   #1

My capacity to create a change

Leadership is the ability to create leaders not followers, these words occupied my mind for an enough time thinking about the realistic meaning of it. Dreaming about how those such words affect the worlds, and everyone applying this idea in their life. In fact, those words not only had influenced, but also controlled my thoughts. I stood for a moment, dreamed of being such a person who can leads, mentor and create such leaders who also can spread this idea too.

I started to apply this in every moment in my life, during studying, or even playing with my friends. I involved myself in many activities to acquire the qualities that qualify me to be such a good leader. Despite the hard times I faced, I learned a lot and dealt with people of different attitudes and skills. This gave me the experience and the qualities I need to make me a good leader. First, being a scout's member helped me to gain those qualities. Then, I began to work with my teammates to organize many events in my campus and deal with different critical situations. In addition, I learned how to be patient, good listener and the appropriate time for asking an advice. This helped me to analyze the circumstances and take the right decisions, and that makes my opinion valuable among the other opinions and gives me different perspective of looking at things. Two years later, becoming a team leader for my faculty scouts team was only a result of my hard work in the past years and was just a beginning of my leadership path.

The moment I was chosen to be a scout's leader for the team, I knew that is my time to achieve my dreams, ideas and thoughts. I start to apply and deliver all the knowledge I gain. Share it with my team and supply them with their needs. Teaching them the importance of leadership, how it influences the leader himself and his teammates and how it helps in the development of the community. To achieve this development, I started to determine our goals, motivate my team. So that they can gain the skills that help them to be good leaders in their future career. I began to help them hand by hand, encourage them to achieve their goals, by giving them responsibilities to develop their leadership capabilities.

On the other side, this position affected my personality, and my leadership style. One of the things I gain is to make my own leadership style. Being democratic, autocratic or bureaucratic leader depend on my thought and the situation. However, I prefer to be a democratic leader, encourage my team to be a part of the decision, keep them informed about everything that affects their work and share decision making and problem solving responsibilities. This leadership style provide more opportunities for team to improve their quality of taking the decisions. Despite of being democratic leader, it is not good all the time, as I can't be democratic when there is no enough time to get the team's opinions and when it concern about the safety of my team. As I mentioned the leadership style depend on the situation and the thought of the leader.

My capacity to create change depends on how I can change in my team. In my opinion, I should be able to collaborate with my team, inspire them to work towards the goal and listening to the problem they are facing. I think this is what leaders do to achieve their goals and to create new leaders.

rnsnz18 10 / 33 4  
Dec 31, 2016   #2
I believe this is for the princeton supplemental essay?, I think it's good your first sentence of the essay as it shows how you interpred the prhase of ronald reagan. Forgive me if this sounds harsh but i think that was the only good thing. Your essay you just say over and over the first sentence but with other words, you just talk about general qualitues of a leader, of course it is good to have them, but you need to deepen more aboutyou. You're also making the mistake of telling and not show!. Give a story, I believe the one with the boy scouts could show your leadership. Take in mind that the story of a scout leadet is one of the most commons of expresing a leadership role, si try to be unique and stand out. In addition, when you aretelling a story talk inthe past sense, don't combine past sense then present sense andthen past again, like how you did it on your fourth paragraph and other parts of your essay. I really believe you should write your entire essay again, and focus on just one story and jusy a FEW qualities of your leadership, emphasize on them, show your deep involvement in these qualities and how you acquire them, dont just say a lot of qualities and worse not giving proof with a background story. Please stay with this phrase "Show, don't tell" it really helps a lot to make your essay more interesting and convince the reader about what you are saying
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,832 2627  
Jan 1, 2017   #3
Mahmmoud, your essay needs to be better focused, not on your understanding and interpretation of the words of the great president Ronald Reagan, but rather, it should focus on the leadership qualities that you have, which came about when you were not expected to be a leader in the situation. All of the scenarios that you present show your leadership skills as you are expected to display them in a position of leadership. However, the quote, asks you how you can be a great leader when you cannot do anything great. Think of how you make small contributions to the community in the hopes of creating a better environment. Or how you strive to perform well in extra curricular activities because you want to make a difference in the world. Those unnoticed moments of leadership are the driving force behind the understanding of what Pres. Reagan said. That is how you should present the essay. Think about small contributions you have made that resulted in big differences in the lives of people your know or interact with.

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