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Health system in Belize. Detailed Plan of Study For Scholarship Application Purposes

Ivan23 1 / -  
Sep 20, 2016   #1
Hello Guys,

I am currently applying for a scholarship and I have been asked to write a detailed plan of study. Here is my first draft. I am having difficulties finding my own grammatical mistakes and an adequate flow. Also it is clearly stipulated that I must not exceed 300 words and I have found it to be challenging. I would highly appreciate any feedback that will help me to improve my paper. Thanks in advance


Although the Selection Panel will be well informed, remember that they are not likely to be specialists in your subject. You should therefore describe clearly the key things you are looking for in a course, your reasons for choosing the above courses and institutions. If you have a proposed dissertation topic in mind, please do give details. You should also justify why you want to undertake this study in the U.K. (300 words maximum)


The desire to pursue a MSc in Health Policy is because, sadly, the health system in Belize lack appropriate policies and processes that can help to facilitate the effective provision of quality healthcare services to our people. In this context, for my dissertation I am interested in studying the challenges encountered by other countries' healthcare system when formulating and implementing policies for their National Health Insurance systems in two specific areas: purchasing plan for healthcare services and long-term financial sustainability. Upon the completion of my dissertation and Master's degree I shall have the knowledge and skills that will allow me to be able to: look analytically at the policy environment; identify forces and trends that make a policy more or less likely to be adopted; estimate the likely impact of a policy; and understand the substance of policy proposal and the political landscape. In the future, these skills will all help me to be able to present my ideas clearly and persuasively to a range of influential stakeholders to bring about change and improve lives and prolong life in Belize. But to accomplish my personal and professional goals, I need a solid foundation in policy-making, analysis and evaluation which I strongly believe I will acquire through any of the courses selected in the institutions of my choice in the UK (stated below).

The MSc in Health Policy, Planning & Financing offered at LSHTM (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) is my desired program to do as it is a well-structured, highly practical one year program jointly run by two world-renowned institutions namely LSHTM and LSE (The London School of Economics & Political Science). The MSc in Health Policy at City University of London is another choice. These programs combine an international focus and academic rigor with the development of practical, transferable skills, such as critical thinking and applied problem-solving, that can be applied in a wide range of real-world health policy, planning and management settings and thus give me the knowledge and tools to be able to operate within an increasingly complex policy environment. On the other hand, the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention & Policy Evaluation at University of Oxford will allow me to develop critical analysis, problem solving and research skills in the field of evidence-based interventions and policies for social problems. This program will allow me to select one of two available pathways, the evidence-based social intervention pathway or the policy evaluation pathway. The latter, which I am interested in, will introduce me to social policy analysis and to different research methods for evaluating policies.

I want to study in the UK because I want to learn from preeminent faculty teams who are reshaping and improving the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Many of the faculty members in these institutions have international working experience at public & private multinational organizations. This guarantees the transferability of their teaching materials to different healthcare systems and different health technologies. Therefore, I know that studying in the UK will acquaint me with the contemporary knowledge of public health and society theories and practices, research methodologies and various policy options accordingly, and it will help me to build excellent analytical skills, enhance professional competency, serve as a bridge to PhD study and thus enhance my capacity in contributing to the health endeavors of my country. In this regard, I deem my proposed study in the UK as a very meaningful part of my career pursuit.
nomoto79 1 / 5  
Sep 21, 2016   #2
Hallo ivan23,
i have checked your writing, i want to give some corrections

1. at this sentence: "The latter, which I am interested in" should be "The latter, I am interested in".

2. at this sentence: "The desire to pursue a MSc in Health Policy" should be "The desire to pursue MSc in Health Policy"

thank you, wish useful, keep writing.

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