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'Not always an honor roll student' - I had to explain why i deserve this scholarship

korange 1 / -  
Nov 15, 2011   #1
250 words or less;In 250 words or less, please submit an essay on one of the following:

1. Why do you deserve to win this scholarship? or,

2. Describe your academic or career goals. or,

3. Any topic of your choice.

Feel free to re-use an essay that you wrote in class, for college admission or another scholarship competition.

I have not always been an "honor roll" student. However, these past four years I have really devoted my time to school. I have indeed been on the 3.0 honor roll each semester, with almost all a's and b's, but it was not easy getting there. I have been employed and sonic corporation in my town for a little over a year, saving up for school clothes, my vehicle and of course, college. Working and being a junior/senior in high school has not been very easy, but as long as your devoted like I am, you will find a way to achieve the things you want, and what I wanted was to be a great student with the best possible grades I could obtain. I live 20 miles out of the town I go to school at and have to drive every day to and from school, to and from work, so essentially, there isn't much money left over for things I want or need for that matter, all the time, I deserve this scholarship because while I'm in college, I do not want to struggle and feel stressed about money any longer, I want to have money for the things I want to do in life, such as traveling out of state, I've only been 20 miles out of state and I want to see more. Please consider me for this scholarship, it would really help out.
lambo1013 3 / 6  
Nov 18, 2011   #2
your telling them that you need the money mostly for your own enjoyment rather then helping you with college. rather then saying your gonna use the money for vacations and stuff. say that youll use the money for books and maybe a laptop which will provide you with both personal enjoyement as well as help you with your school needs.

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