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Horns of Ethical Dilemma, Choosing between Friendship or Abiding to the school code of conduct.

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May 30, 2020   #1

writing a course for someone else

The dilemma started when I was in 300Level, when a friend of mine (course mate) asked me to write a carryover examination for him. Statistics for surveyors (SVG206) was the course he failed when we were in 200level, he saw my result on the same course which I had an A for and he said to me "oh wow thank God I don't have to stress over this course, please you will help me write the carryover". I was dumbfounded at first, so I didn't really say anything because at that time students felt writing a course for someone else was no big deal, all you have to do is get into the hall with him and pretend you had a carryover, sitting not to far from him, get the question paper, answer all the question but don't fill out the Matric no. and name yet till you are done and then exchange answer booklet with him so he writes his name and matric no. and you just submit his empty exchanged answer booklet and leave the hall.

I went home thinking through the night, I was stuck between showing my loyalty for my friend or abiding by the code of conduct set by my institution against examination malpractice and impersonation. It was really a difficult decision for me and I needed to act fast. Should I tell him No, and be seen like a bad friend who couldn't help his friend who isn't really good at calculation course or accept to write it, all I have to do is wear my hoodie to the examination hall, nobody is going to notice me. What if I get caught? I asked myself, I would definitely be expelled and that would bring shame and disgrace to my whole family who has raised me in good standard and environment.

After so many hours of thinking, I came up with an idea which involves a sacrifice from both parties(me and my Friend). It was just the beginning of the semester when the result came out, so there was at least enough time for someone who was ready to really learn the course to pass at least 50%. So the next day I called him and told him the truth that I can't go against the principles I was brought up in and that I'm really sorry, but there's something I could do to help, and that is dedicating 3-5 hours every week for a one-on-one tutorial to teach him the course and also solve all previous past question on the course. At first, he said he wasn't ready and he is not sure that would be able to comprehend all the calculations. I then asked for a week trail to just test how it goes. And after a week he was really happy, he doesn't visit the library, I had to make him visit at least 3 times a week, we also had time to read our present year course together and also share ideas, I learnt a lot from him, both academical and outside academics. A week to the exam I conducted a mock test for him and he passed on 65%. When the main result of the examine came out he scored a 70%.

This situation taught me a lot of things, from the personal experience we shared and to the experience I gained by being patient to teach, which I was really bad at previously. When he saw the result, he was so happy and he keeps thanking me and talking about the experience even when we talk on phone. I remember him saying to me "People only care about the end result and want skip all the Processes involved in achieving the result, not knowing the process is the most interesting and important part of it all".

Those words really stick to my mind and makes me appreciate every process I go through in achieving any result.
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May 31, 2020   #2
Well, save for grammatical and punctuation errors, this is a very enlightening essay. Did you write this for a college application prompt? I seem to recall one of the tertiary institutions using the Code of Ethics among students as an application essay topic. You did really well. While the reviewer may not be familiar with the early part of the text, in relation to the subject and course levels, he will not mind so much because the essence of the story, in relation to academic ethics, is what really matters to him.

The story is well rounded, it shows how a student can abide by a code of conduct, and still help out someone in need. You never compromised your personal morals, even when your ethics came under fire. The reader will see what a good person you are and, how you are resourceful when it comes to getting yourself out of a tight situation. This is an excellent character analysis paper. You clearly showed that you are capable of avoiding academic temptation.

I have to point out though, that your title is wrong. You were not writing a paper for someone else, you were taking a test for someone else. There are also some grammar errors that need to be pointed out.

Word choice mistake - sitting not to (too) far...
A comma is required for clarity - ... difficult decision for me , and
A comma should be used between clauses and contraction usage needs to be avoided in academic writing - ... he said he wasn't (was not) ready , and ... / a mock test for him, and ... / ... he was so happy , and ...

Use a simpler word to make the presentation sound natural : ... he would able to comprehend (understand)...

Spelling error:
examine - examination

These corrections should help the essay become easier for the reviewer to read. Beyond these corrections, you will need formal academic editing services.
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May 31, 2020   #3
Thank you so much for your contribution. I really appreciate. I'll make the corrections as soon as possible.

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