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human beings are judged by their deeds

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Oct 27, 2012   #1
Subject : briefly describe any outstanding achievements you made at the level of your school, city or country
It is a well-known fact that human beings are judged by their deeds. Of no doubt the most demonstrative deeds of individuals are their experience and achievements in life. I would like to describe my personal achievements, the ones I already gained in my life as well as those that I only aspire to achieve in future.

Going back to 2010 when I was sharing Internet with my Neighbor and also sharing the fees due to some financial problems, one day in class we were talking about problems that boarding students face, one of them is "Internet access"; there was a WI-Fi Tower in school but students can't access the Internet from their rooms because of the distance. It became a necessary to use 3G modem with High expenses and law signal, therefore by virtue of my knowledge and experience I suggested making a network just for the residential. To give high-speed Internet access to all students and to all rooms through cable or wireless with a symbolic price, so after a several attempts with the Administration, I finally got the green light to start, I was in charge of the whole project, cable installation, Equipment everything, First month there was just 15 students Who encouraged to use the new service. Network has grown up fast and I added more equipment so that the network can handle this amount of users, the network now is handling more than 300 users.

I've Received A Lot of Requests to apply the project from other boarding schools and also from Housing complexes

It always happens that when you achieve your goal you quickly get another one to follow. All my achievements described above were very important in my life. For now my major goal Al Akhawayn University. This University to my mind is the best one Morocco and seems perfect to me. I will put all my efforts to prove that I really am perfect for Al Akhawayn University.

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