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Human resource development needs organisation, choice of proposed course and institution

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Mar 21, 2018   #1

Australia Awards Scholarship Essay

1. How will this scholarship contribute to the organisation's human resource development needs*?
Master of Agricultural research is required to support our institutional goal in optimizing degraded land for bioenergy plantation. Indonesia has approximately 8.9 million hectares of degraded land potentially use for bioenergy plantation. Currently only 100 forest silviculture researchers to cope those wide area and only 30% acquired master degree and higher educational background. To address the issue, human resource capacity development through this scholarship is essential.

2. Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?
Master of Agricultural Science is related with my current duties as a silviculture researcher in forest tree improvement research group. I have been enrolled in tree improvement of bioenergy for forest tree species since 2010 when I first enter the Centre until now. Currently I was enrolled in collaborative research on "Assesing Bioenergy Plantation on Degraded Lands" among The Centre for Biotechnology and Forest Tree Improvement in Yogyakarta, The University of Muhammadiyah in Central Kalimantan, The University of Mulawarman in East Kalimantan, The University of Queensland and The Government of India which was supported by CIFOR (Centre for Internatioanl Forestry Research). We established plantation trial on degraded land in the two location in East Kalimantan (on Ex Fire) and in Central Kalimantan (on Peatland). This year we plan to establish bioenergy plantation trial in degraded land in Indonesia with materials from the Indonesia, Australia, and India. Advance knowledge, technology and skills is essential to support this activity in the future. Master of Agricultural Science offering study on physiology of plant, soil and media management, and plant protection that would be essential to support our research in optimizing degraded land for bioenergy.

The reason i chose the University of Queensland is that The University of Queensland offering Master of Agricultural Science that suitable with my current duties as a researcher. Currently we have a collaborative research funded by CIFOR on "Assesing Bioenergy Plantation on Degraded Lands" and I found some projects in the University Queensland concerning optimizing degraded land that will be a useful knowledge to equip our research. The University of Queensland is also has Research Centre with many biofuel experts, and is equipped with sophisticated technology for bioenergy research. Therefore, this institution is suitable for me to gain new broad advance knowledge to support our research.

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Mar 22, 2018   #2
TM, if you can revise the first prompt response to be more focused on the "human resource development needs" of your country instead of a lengthy explanation of the situation of agriculture in your country, then the response will be more appropriate for the question. Explain the problems that the undergraduate employees have in dealing with the advanced problems of the sector first. Then narrate how you plan to help with a transfer of knowledge upon your return in order to address the HR needs of the sector.

Paragraph 2 suffers from a case of too much information. The first half is totally unrequired by the prompt. Only the second paragraph, which directly responds to the question should remain as the focused response to the question. If you have available word count, then expand a bit upon that response to add more reasons as to your choice of course and institution.
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Apr 2, 2018   #3
Thx Holt..

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