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IISMA 2022 Study Plan: how are we able to find the equilibrium between economic growth, social well-

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Feb 9, 2022   #1
Hi there! I hope you will be able to provide feedback to further develop my study plan. No prompts were provided by the relevant party. Thank you!

study plan essay

The issue regarding economic growth has always been apparent since the presence of "business transactions", which then led to every "rational" individual aiming to receive the maximum profit with minimum cost. However, nowadays we can find that the minimum costs we used to believe are instead catalysts of a global destruction. This then results to my personal concern - how are we able to find the equilibrium between economic growth, social well-being, and environmental condition?

I believe my concern can be considered as an urgency for Indonesia. Aside from us finding ways to push forward our economic growth, we are also in need of innovations to save our environment and to further avoid the "green-swan state" - which can result in a chaotic climate and unstable financial sector. These are many problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible together with many other aspects. As such, I am motivated to expand my horizon in these aspects in hopes of being able to create effective solutions.

Upon researching the courses provided by the collaborating universities of IISMA 2022, I find my passion aligned with Maastricht University. Through Maastricht University, I was able to find a combination of courses with a balanced concern regarding economics, sustainability, and development. The courses I am highly interested in are as below;

A - International Trade Law: Globalization, Trade, and Development
A - The Social Study of Environmental Problems: Between Nature, Society, and Politics
B - Economics and Society in Contemporary Asia
B - Entrepreneurship

By studying these courses, I would be able to further understand the roles and impact of different countries towards the international economy. Subsequently, I would also be able to discover the core issues in a society that impacts the environment negatively. Through further understanding regarding the main issue, I would be able to build ideas on how to solve this international concern effectively. Later on, I would be able to figure out the execution of the innovation through the Entrepreneurship course. This then will build my critical and creative thinking skills in solving the relevant issues while also supporting economic growth.

I am convinced that Maastricht University is the perfect choice to further my education because it is located in the Netherlands, which is a country that is committed to sustainability. As such, I would have the opportunity to explore the sustainable projects or discussions available in the city during my free time. Through this, I would be able to experience first-hand regarding the problem-solving instances for issues concerning sustainability. I am certain these irreplaceable experiences will ignite a spark of motivation to expand my knowledge even more and provide inspiration for future innovations.

To maximize my student exchange experience, I plan to divide my time and focus on a specific aspect per month; for personal adjustment, cultural exchange, and research. Surely, I will focus on my studies as well for each month. The specific details of my study plan are as below;

Before departure, I will do an in-depth research regarding the designated country, the sustainable economic events I would be able to take part in, and also tips and tricks explained by the previous IISMA 2021 awardees. By doing detailed research, I would be able to prepare myself mentally and avoid a lengthy period of self-adjustments upon arrival later on. Aside from that, planning beforehand will allow me more time to be able to focus on the executions of my ideal agenda.

1st month
During the first month of my stay, I will allow myself a moment to adjust with the new environment. I will familiarize myself with my surroundings and get to meet more people that can help assist me during my stay. This would be a perfect time for cultural exchanges and networking with Indonesian and international students. During this time, I will also continue my study on the basic languages needed to get through the day.

2nd month
In the consequent month, I would like to be able to explore further regarding the diversity in culture. To do so, I plan to join cultural exchanges provided by Maastricht University or even by the local organizations. By doing so, I will be able to widen my perspectives regarding the differences that are present between international students. I am sure that achieving this at Maastricht University is possible because it is known that Maastricht University has a well-diversed number of international students enrolled.

3rd - 4th month
During the last two months, I will specifically dedicate my time to research revolving around the sustainable procedures implemented by local organizations. As stated previously, I aim to participate in sustainability discussions or even visit organizations to see how individuals work together to implement the sustainable development goals. Doing this will benefit me in many ways, such as; providing ideas that can be implemented in Indonesia or even gaining new insights regarding the sustainable development goals. If I were honored with the chance to participate in such discussions, I would share issues that have yet to be solved in Indonesia, and emphasize such concerns in hopes of invoking discussions with new perspectives.

Once I have completed the IISMA 2022 student exchange program successfully, I see myself as a more open and experimental individual. With global exposure regarding the international issues and actions implemented to achieve sustainable development goals, I would be more confident in creating innovative ideas that can be used as solutions in my own country. Aside from that, I see myself with a strong foundation that can further support my journey as an environmental economist or simply as an individual who partakes in a non-government organization that supports the idea of a greener economy.

If I'm honored with the chance to become an IISMA 2022 delegate, I will ensure that the benefit will not only be received by me, moreover, I will participate in the domino effect of positive impact to my surroundings. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Feb 10, 2022   #2
The presentation is too busy and tries to accomplish too much within the semester that you will be a participant in the program. Since this is a unique international opportunity for you to learn about your course, in a different educational setting, focus on a study plan that will continue to benefit you and show a career path upon your graduation. Being an undergraduate, you will surely be required to write a graduation thesis in your senior year. Think about the possible thesis that you want to write about in that final year of your studies. What will your thesis statement be? How would you approach the research and studies required to respond to the question you will be looking into? Focus on these questions as the specific study area that you will want to learn about during that semester. You may discuss how your pursuit of a solution to a problem or, a response to a question can begin during this semester abroad. Explain how it will be the foundation for your future college thesis. Discuss your desire to integrate the lessons and experiences you will be learning about into your thesis, making it an open - minded, and internationally influenced paper presentation for your graduation. Always think about how the experience will give you a future benefit with specifics. Do not cast too wide a net because that makes the paper lose focus and a solid study plan.
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Feb 10, 2022   #3
thankyou for your assistance!

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