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My immediate plan is to be one of the company's human resource management soul person

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Nov 6, 2016   #1
HI, it is coming to the deadline of the application, please do give comments and grammar correction .
thank you so much.

Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan. Please outline your immediate plans ...

After years working in the airline, my immediate plan is to be one of the company's human resource management soul person who working with people from all over the countries in the department. As the different background and cultures always create unnecessary misunderstands and consequently effecting optimal productivities, my short term goal is to sow the seeds of a harmony yet competent working environment in the company. Besides render aid to the foreign new comers, the local employees are equally important and worth to be motivated. I believe by the knowledge I would gain from the world top ranking university, I would definitely come up with plans that provide welfare to employee and simultaneously fully utilize the benefit of it to increase company profitability.

I would give myself a maximum of three years' time to master the art of managing people, then I would like to arm myself with an extra personal skill by enroll to another master course- marketing. As working in the airline is talking about connecting passenger from all around the world, my aim is to promote my country as the best tourism country and improve its reputation. By implement various irresistible budget and exclusive travel packages, open up new destination regionally and internationally, affordability of people to travel to places increased, not only local tourism industry accelerated but the growth of the whole national economy also improved.

After mastering the two pivotal skills and gain the essential working experiences, I will be working towards to my life long career goal which is to set up my own human resource consultancy firm. I will play an important role in the unemployment rate, foreign labor force issue, acquire expertise and professional either from overseas or cultivate locally. My consultation firm will help organization to explore potential talented person, provide them appropriate advises to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Just like the chevening program, which recognize and value people with great leadership and provide them with world top education opportunity. The benefits of it are globally and lengthy, which create great relationship between countries and lead to a peaceful world with less economic and cultural violence. Hence, my goal of building my own business is not only materialistic gain but also completing the big puzzle by helping each other.
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Nov 6, 2016   #2
Choyhar, kindly make a connection, if possible, between your choice of majors and the programs that the UK promotes in your country. That is a specific requirement of this essay prompt that should be read either in the beginning or the end of your essay. That is an important, but missing element, in your essay. Without it, the reviewer may render your application essay for this particular prompt incomplete. Thus causing a negative effect on your application. The overall presentation is sufficient enough. It breaks down your career improvement over the years in a different manner which may be appreciated by the reader. Your content is strong and has a razor focus on your future career path. That will not go unnoticed and you will definitely be presenting a highly informative essay to the reviewer. So, if you will just add the information about the UK relation to your career or studies, the essay should be good for submission.

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