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An impact (college application); Cite any cases in which you thought and/or made attempts in ways...

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Jan 3, 2021   #1
┬ĚPlease cite any cases in which you thought and/or made attempts in ways different from those of others and describe how such ideas and/or attempts affected you and people around you. (within 1500 characters/200words)

out of the box thinking

I've always wanted to do something untypically. It is much more interesting to think out of the box. However, I was too scared of what others would think and that I would embarrass myself. This dependence on other opinions was making me feel like a pebble: just lies on the ground and looks like other pebbles. I didn't fancy that, but how could I change?

The answer came in a summer camp. That was a new place, full of new people - perfect to set free and express myself. I was a star in any activity we had, trying to add something from me. For example, during a theatrical play, suddenly overly expressive Romeo with a funny Italian accent appears, waving his hands and "accidentally" knocking out Juliet. The audience loved that performance.

Expressing my individuality made my camp life more comfortable, and others - more entertaining. Since then, wherever I'm in, I always try to stand out. For this reason, some people call me strange, but others complimented me as strange but in a good way. I'm fine with that because it is strange, unconventionally thinking people who create innovations and affect the world.

P.S. This is an essay for a technical university. I hope I answered the question correctly.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3267  
Jan 4, 2021   #2
Uhhh... I do not think that messing with William Shakespeare is the way to go with this response. Don't mess with the ancient classics. You never know who might be reading the paper. If you get a British Lit interested reviewer, you may have just done blasphemy to British Lit. Can you aim for something else instead? How about citing a different instance instead? Aim for something that shows how you may be an asset to the student community. You can still use the camp reference, but make it something less controversial (just in case). Perhaps you can talk about changing a norm in camp? Or helping out someone who others did not want to help? Maybe, consider suggesting a different activity that others did not support but you did anyway, bringing together the camp or a group of students. Think of how you can portray yourself as a leader, imagineer, influencer, or anything else along those lines. Just make sure it has a positive impact on the people around you. I know you said this is for technical school, but that doesn't change the way that student abilities are reviewed for the most part. This has nothing to do with the technical side but rather, the character and conduct side of your application.
OP Elee_Akin 1 / 1  
Jan 4, 2021   #3
Thank you for your commentary. I will consider another example

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