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Impacted by corona-virus crisis. GKS scholarship personal statement for graduate program

Subhratri 1 / 4  
Aug 7, 2022   #1

Gks scholarship personal statement for graduate program

Hello ,
This is my personal statement for gks scholarship program. It will be so much help for me if anyone can provide there views on my statement.

These points are given as a reference to write this essay.
- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Educational background
- Significant experiences you have had; persons or events that have had a significant influence on you
- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc.

In the past 3 years corona has impacted me physically, mentally and financially. But thanks to corona I have met the Korean language. It stays with me during my hardest time and now I want to dedicate my self in learning more unknown and beautiful aspects of Korean language, culture people, traditions ,etc.

I came from a low middle class family where my father is the only earning member of our family of four. Having hardworking parents always motivated and inspired me to work hard in life.From getting 9.6/10(CGPA) in class 10, 89.6/100 % in 12 to getting into one of the good University of India (Delhi University) I have always tried to give my best not only academically but also in co-curriculum activities . Dur to corona I couldn't able to participate much in college but I had actively participated and won several awards in co curriculum activities during my school Time. Ihave participated in many intra school singing competition which has taught me how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal. To increase my knowledge I have also given some Olympiads.I have always placed a very strong emphasis on sports both competitively and as a way to unwind. I hay taken part in kho- kho , tug of war but as an athelete my overall love is running. Being a student of physical science , I was also the part of discipline committee in my school and volunteered in many schools events which has taught me the self discipline that is necessary in one's lifestyle.

Since I always have interest in learning foreign language which has unique writing and pronunciation style. I started learning Korean language during lockdown in April 2020 to best utilise my free time. And I choose Korean language because upon researching online o found that for a self learner Korean would be easier to learn compared to other unique languages since it has easy writing system and pronunciation.I started learning with hangeul and some basic phrases from YouTube channel and then switched to the grammar. I have also taken the certificate course of Korean University provided by Coursera.

Being a science student helped me a lot in learning Korean language . As it taught me the importance of applying the theoretical knowledge into practicals. That's why I started doing the volunteering works as a translator to put all the knowledge that I have into practice.

I volunteer for twb community where I translate texts and related things into Korean . I also work for the Ted talks where I subtitle the videos in Korean . Until now I have translated more than 5 videos out of which 3 videos after getting reviewed made available in Ted YouTube channel.

As a person who believe sharing is caring I also opened the my insta channel ID where I post about the stuff related to Korean language. I also work as online k supporter and aware about Korea to the people through my insta channel. During lockdown in 2021 I worked as home tutor where I teached the students of class (1-6) English and maths . Working as a teacher made me realised that ' Teaching is the best way to help and serve to the society through our knowledge and this has also encourage me to be a teacher in my future career.

During lockdown when our classes got suspended, college got closed,our exam also got cancelled. I started loosing my interest from science , since I think science is all about practical but because of corona I didn't even get chance to enter the lab , also didn't get any opportunities to work on any type of projects or thesis. These situations worried me a lot. There were times when I totally lose my hope about my future. Those times were tough and depressing but learning Korean was like a ray of hope for me . It not only deviated me from my worries and stress but also gave me a hope that I can continue Learning in future and gave me an aim in my life.

Lastly I would like to conclude by saying that although I came from a different education background but I have dedicated my almost 3 years in learning Korean which feels not less like a graduation for me . I may not have a degree but my passion , dedication and strong motivation towards Korean language is not less than any Korean language major undergraduate student. I have worked hard to beome eligible for this precious scholarship because I believe that this scholarship is going to help me a lot in achieving my goals . Since in India I need to search for the opportunity to learn about Korean language and culture. But through gks I will be blessed to be in Korea . From not being a single Korean around me to being surrounded by native Koreans will not only inspire me but I will also be able to learn and discover the more interesting facts about Korean language and culture. I strongly believe that through gks I will be able to receive the high quality education, Better guidance, and this also help me to improve my abilities , trained and equipped me with broader perspective academically.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,209 4317  
Aug 8, 2022   #2
Since the applicant is applying for a scholarship to a masters course in relation to Hangul and Hanja, such an interest must be shown as having a professional application. It is not clear how a masters course relates to the field of work of the applicant. The information comes across more as a hobby for the person rather than as a profession. The reviewer will be looking for more pprofessional exposure and engagement in relation to advanced masters learning requirements. Though the information relates to the language, the lack of more face to face engagement could be a problem. Is there anyway that situation can be addressed?
OP Subhratri 1 / 4  
Aug 8, 2022   #3
ok sir thank you for your advice
if I show how I got more exposure to the language by doing volunteering work then , is this essay is good enough to get selected by the admission committee ?

or do I need more correction ?

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