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Having both my parents working, I grew up with the assurance of completing all the stages of my education, from primary through tertially education. However, tables turned when my father passed on just as I was at the verge of completing my primary school. Two years down the line, my mother passed on too. This hit so hard on me as I could hardly see light at the end of the tunnel. Being a third born in a family of five, I was lucky to have elder siblings who were exposed to social work and connections. After my mother's demise, my elder sister helped me look for scholarships at civic social welfare offices. I was lucky to be offered a government bursary that covered for all my secondary school tuition and boarding fees. I completed my secondary school education and got admitted at Mzuzu University, one of the public universities in my country to study Bachelor of Arts in Education.

To successfully complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in Education under my field of study, every student is required to undergo teaching practices a form of apprenticeship. I therefore did my teaching practices at Msalura Community Day Secondary School where I taught as a Trainee in English for a period of three months (one school term). As the term progressed, I noticed that one of my students who had a great potential to excel was missing out of classes. After several inquiries, I received reports that he was sent home on grounds of failing to pay his full tuition, which amounted to MK5,000 (USD7). Having gone through the same experience during my secondary school days, I knew how it felt to be in his shoes. I therefore decided to use part of the savings I made from my allowance to cover this student's fees balance and he consequently resumed classes. Had I not struggled to pay for my school fees, I would not have identified and helped this student and many others who face similar challenges.

It was this Teaching practice experience that opened my eyes to real issues affecting young people in the community. I realized that most young people especially girls lack role models in their communities, and this in the long run drives out the zeal to thrive for greatness. I also observed that they need a voice to be heard but they lack the platform to air out concerns that affect them every day. It is such a realization that drove me to join Women for Social Change as a volunteer. Women for Social Change is a non-profit organization which focuses on helping girls and young women to realize their full potential and become agents of change. Throughout my involvement with this organization, I have visited communities and schools, reaching out to boys, girls and young women whilst promoting menstrual health, sexual reproductive health as well as career development. I also make use of such encounters to share my story of how I thrived from orphanhood through attaining a Bachelor's degree and getting a job. All this I do to encourage my audience that everyone has the ability to become who they want to be. I love to motivate girls and young women. With the global pandemic that has hit the world, I and my counterparts managed to mobilize face masks and distributed them to various communities, whilst impacting them with knowledge on global issues affecting the society. Once I return home from my studies, I want to keep focusing on encouraging the youth in various communities. I would like them to see beyond themselves and believe that they can become whoever they want to be.
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Oct 14, 2021   #2
If you meant to use this essay for the Chevening scholarship then, you made a mistake in writing this statement. The essay calls for a combined show of leadership and influencing development. It is not to be responded to in a biographical format focusing on your backstory as it relates to your desire to help other women in your country. Yes, there is an influential reference in the last paragraph. It is highly vague but can be seen upon further review. That is half the task accomplished. Without a leadership reference, the essay is unacceptable and will not be considered It will remove your application from consideration. I urge you to write a less biographical and more prompt compliant version if you are serious about your application.