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An inexperienced individual becoming a true leader - My Leadership Chevening Essay

rowaidazak1 1 / -  
Nov 5, 2018   #1
Below is my chevening essay on leadership, please review it and let me know what changes i need to make

a true leader with a clear vision

It wasn't until the (date)! This day my perspective has changed and my belief in the saying people have limited capabilities was long gone. Only one week before this date, I was accepted as a member in (organization), this itself has been a goal for me since I have applied the previous year and wasn't fortunate enough to join, so I thought that this would've been a good enough step for me.

Instead, three days later there was an opening for a Project Manager position for a program focusing on bringing incoming exchange participants to (country) to join a community development program aiming to improve the quality of life for the less. Despite the thought that I still had a long learning process to go through before being able to manage a project handling international relations and also leading a team of experienced (organization) individuals, I've decided to take this as a challenge and move forward with my application, and in 5 days I managed to complete an eleven page application form, met with tens of people that have gratefully assisted me in understanding the needed job requirements and qualities. Fortunately, I was selected for the position even though my well experienced competition would've been a great fit as well.

From this moment, the challenge has increased tremendously. I was a 10 day experienced (organization) individual leading a team of 5 well experienced (organization) members! My approach for leading the team had to be different and not superior because of my fast moving situation within the organization, so simply I worked on building their mindset on the basis of that we're 6 team members working towards a certain goal and not a manager and five subordinates assisting in maintaining this, and because of my limited job knowledge regarding the project, I always needed to be one step ahead of the members to be their guidance and point them on the right track, because even though our relationship wasn't built on formally on following the project manager's rules but still the team was following my strategy and implementing the requirements set by me.

Only after a very short period, I was successfully able to be perceived by the team members that I was a true leader with a clear vision; this is because we overachieved through our results, and we have managed to obtain (number) international exchange participants this year which was (percentage) higher than the previous year records. However, truly this wasn't the success that I have created; the real success was that every team member believed that they have greatly and equally contributed to this success and this was only achievable by correct delegation between members, monitored performance across the year, and formal reporting for job requirements and frequent informal meetings with members to satisfy their development goals and to ensure that they were working in a convenient safe environment that helps them create a positive change on the world.
zshooooo 3 / 5 1  
Nov 5, 2018   #2
I would like to see some details from your leadership experience, for example, have you ever encountered a problem before? and how did you manage to solve it? This explanation might support your statement of how you successfully be a good leader. I believe that the jury would like to see your process on becoming a leader too. Also, you could include another experience of your professional career. Please remember that the you are required of having minimum two years of experience before applying to this program. Good luck!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
Nov 7, 2018   #3
Rozak, first up, STOP SHOUTING AT THE CHEVENING REVIEWER! You are not writing a casual letter to a friend, show respect! Stop it with the exclamation points! The reviewer is not interested in the emotion of your writing, he is interested in your maturity as a current leader( obviously missing due to your love of exclamation points in a formal paper) and your current leadership abilities. This paper is focusing on the development of your leadership skills. It does not highlight your leadership skills in action. Therefore, this is a useless leadership and influencing paper. Nothing in this paper shows you have the ability to lead, are considered a current leader in your profession, nor does it show any ability to influence your staff or other people.

A leadership and influencing essay shows the development of your leadership abilities and its ability to influence people based on the progression of your skills. You can use either one academic and one professional example or one civic and one professional example. There must be only 2 instances highlighted, one influencing skill and one leadership skill. These can be 2 separate events or 2 connected events. Based on these requirements, you can understand why I cannot approve your essay for use in the application.

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