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Letter of Intent for Turkish Scholarship? Five questions to answer.

brahim 1 / 1 1  
Mar 23, 2015   #1
I'm applying for Turkish Scholarship, I have to answer the questions about (Letter of Intent), but unfortunately my English Language is not very well, so I tried to write but I need your help to correct my answers if there are any grammar/statement mistakes.

1. Please write the subject on which you plan to work in a postgraduate program in Turkey.

Altmetrics as New method to measure the potential impact of scientific papers and integration with Institutional Repositories: the case of Turkish Institutional Repositories.

2. Please specify importance of the subject you tend to work on, your background related to subject and what your contribution will be.

The objective of this study is to identify new trends in the field of scientific research and to focus on non-traditional metrics in the field of scientific publishing, known as Altmetrics (Alternative + metrics) which proposed as an alternative to traditional metrics used to measure citation such as: Impact Factor , h-Index. And to delve more on the subject of institutional repositories and their relationship with the new methods for the dissemination and scholarly communication and integration with social media such as Twitter, Linked In, Academia. I Hope through the continuation of doctoral research to contribute to this new topic and the extent of its application in Turkish institutional repositories, and know what these repositories used Altmetrics to measure the use of scientific articles for Turks researchers, and get to know how it is through the use of this tool to assess the research performance of the University.

3. If there are any prominent universities or academicians in Turkey concerning your case study, please provide information about them.

About academics who specialize in the subject of my study, are very few, including Prof. Dr. Yasar Tonta from Department of Information Management, Hacettepe University, his many research interests in the field of information retrieval, information systems design, information architecture, digital libraries, bibliometrics. he has many of the Monographs, Open Courseware , Conference Papers , Chapters in Books , Articles in the field of open access and institutional repositories in Turkey. also has many articles in English in international journals, and an active member in the conferences of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). Also Professor Doğan Atılgan from department of information management at the University of Ankara, which has interests in : Open Access, Cataloging Rules, Library Management .It has of many publications in international journals and conferences. I will have the honor to follow my research with Professor Yasar Tonta, because he will undoubtedly benefit me a lot in my research guide, also supervised many doctoral theses in Turkish and English on topics similar to the objective.

4. Please provide information about your plans after completing your post-graduate study.
After I complete my studies and I get a doctorate degree, I would like to return to my country Algeria, and to contribute in its development and construction. And in the application of the skills I gained from the Turkish Higher Education. I would also like to motivate the Algerian universities to apply the new technology in the field of scientific research, and thus to develop its infrastructures; the thing which is reflected on the international rankings of the Algerian universities. As I shall seek through the research laboratory to which I belong to connect and strengthen the relations between the Departments of library and Information Science in Algeria and their counterparts in Turkey, and thinking to open dual Master programs.

5. Please express the reasons for your department/program of study preferences and briefly explain how your educational background relates to your preferences.

I studied Bachelor and Master stage majoring in library and information science at the University of Mentouri, Constantine. I also worked five years in the academy library, which gave me more experience in the specialty of libraries and information management. So the library profession is a humanitarian profession Venerable seeks to service the others and facilitate access to the treasures of knowledge, frankly, I like this specialty and I want to deeper in my research study for a doctorate and to preserve the same specialty. I have chosen three sections in the specialty of libraries and information management at three different universities(Hacettepe University, Ankara University ,Istanbul University ) and these sections are arranged according to several factors, including: the existence of a cadre Academy specializes in the subject of my research, local and global rating of the University.

Thank you very much for your help

lynzee22 - / 90 37  
Mar 23, 2015   #2
overall you did a good job with these answers. One thing I would suggest is to shorten some of your sentences. They tend to get very long and confusing. So, if a sentence is more than 3 lines, try to shorten it. But also be careful with incomplete sentences. Do not shorten it if it will make it a fragment.

I hope this helped and good luck
OP brahim 1 / 1 1  
Mar 23, 2015   #3
thank you for help me
I shall always remember you with gratitude
With abundant thanks

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