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Interest, instinct, and determination. Literature and politics have always been of interest to me.

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Oct 31, 2016   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

Literature and politics have always been of interest to me. As a child I had the inclination to read about them and look forward to learning related material. More significantly, during my adult life I understood it as a fact that I had instincts for them. So, I decided that I would never give up on them and keep developing my knowledge regarding these two areas. Now, I know it only too well that I have to learn them in a broader context and a broader context means culture. Interest, instincts and determination are main reasons behind my choices. Something inside me forces me to broaden my abilities which are critical thinking, analyzing political environment and understanding literature. I want to be equipped with most sophisticated devices to interpret cultures and whatever is the product of them. And achieving all of these ends requires academic study and success. I also have it in my mind to go beyond that and teach and write about most advanced ways of cultural analysis and critical thinking. I become more resolute when I see that my country is highly in need of such capabilities. Capabilities that its petro-dollars can't buy.

Making all these aforementioned goals the mission of my life, I have been taking steps steadily and gradually in the direction towards them. First I started learning English in a process that will never stop and along the way I achieved 98 out of 120 in TOFLE ibt test. Secondly, I began teaching and after two years of experience I am now in place that I can say teaching is my vocation and I will devote the rest of life to it. My only plan regarding this career is to resume it after finishing university and develop it form teaching in an English institute to becoming a well-known professor. Last but not least step is being awarded a degree in dramatic literature by Tehran University of Art with a GPA of 18.11 out of 20. Having come such a long way, I need to study in a high rank university to be one step closer to realize my aspirations.

Speaking of aspirations, I have to say future has never been blurry for me. Vividly, I want to devote myself to education. Along the way new ideas will surly occur to me. I have firm plans for publishing and translating some books into Persian. I am also optimistic about more openness in political atmosphere and educational policies of my home county that will make room for me to pursue my goals. Studying in a leading countries in global stage will also give me the opportunity to get a good grasp of the dimensions of the future world. A thing that I am really craving for at the moment.
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Oct 31, 2016   #2
Alireza, you were not able to provide the correct information for the prompt. In fact, this is nowhere near the prompt requirements. This is more of an academic college application essay rather than a Chevening application essay. There is no clear reference to your choice of 3 masters degree courses and the universities that offer them, where you also plan to study. That is what this prompt requires you to provide as a response. Instead, what you have given is a response as to how you have prepared to study for a masters degree. That response is nowhere in the prompt provided. Therefore, you will have to start this essay over. Write a totally new essay after you have reviewed and chosen 3 universities in the UK that offer studies for your choice of a masters degree. Then make sure to discuss the differences between the universities and why you qualify to study at any of the 3. Don't forget to refer to how the university can influence your future career as well. Once you have provided the proper information, we can review your essay again, this time for the proper reasons.

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