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International education - My Gilman Scholarship Project Proposal

sunirenes 1 / -  
Feb 25, 2019   #1
I would really appreciate on what you think of my ideas for the Gilman project proposal as well as if there are any odd sentence structure/grammar. Thank you!

Gilman scholarship application

For the Gilman service proposal project, I intend to work on several smaller projects alongside a main project to promote the Gilman scholarship foundation and garner interest in international education. Drawing on my previous experiences on what method will effectively catch attention, I realize that it is visualization. I believe this method of communication is the most popular way a person absorbs information. My projects will be in the form of online content creation, an informational photo book, and campus outreach.

The main project I plan to do is an informational photo book. For this project, I intend to gather the students who studied abroad during the 19-20 academic year, ask them to contribute 3-5 creative photos of their time abroad in their respective countries, and request a short essay or tip on how they made study abroad possible. This will be compiled into a photo book, which I plan to create by using an online program such as Shutterfly. It will be displayed at the front desk of the office of study abroad as well as study abroad fairs on campus. I am genuinely excited to work on this as I have spoken to an advisor, Jan Santos, and the director, and they have approved of the idea. This is very near to my heart as this idea has not been done in the history of the university. At the credit section, I would write that this project was made possible by the Gilman Scholarship Foundation and the University of South Alabama's Office of Study Abroad. I am hopeful this project will be done by the winter before 2021.

Additionally, once I return and begin my senior year, which will be August 2020, I will work with my university's office of study abroad to do various campus outreach events. Some of the ways will be serving as a peer mentor, hosting Gilman scholarship workshops, and being present at study abroad fairs to answer questions related to international education and the process of applying for the Gilman scholarship.

Lastly, content creation has been a personal interest of mine since I decided to study abroad regardless of my financial shortcoming. It means that I will create a platform on Instagram, Youtube, and Wordpress to showcase my life as a study abroad student and inform other students how to make it possible by believing in yourself and applying for scholarships. I plan to work on this proposal regularly during my time abroad. At least once a week on Instagram, I will post an interesting photo, use the hashtag #GilmanScholarship, and tag the official Gilman foundation Instagram. Through Youtube, I will be documenting my experience through a series I intend to title, "Seoul Diaries." I plan to upload at least four times a month and work on marketing my content towards a specific audience, college students. Additionally, if given the Gilman scholarship, I will put out an informative video on the process of applying for the scholarship and helpful tips. Lastly, blogging through Wordpress is already something I do as a hobby. Thus, I am able to easily integrate this aspect of content creation because of my prior experience and knowledge of "search engine optimization." For each related study abroad post, I will try my best to optimize the page to where anyone who searches for "Gilman scholarship blog," sees my blog on the first page of google search. In this modern age of social media, content creation is quite an impactful to create awareness of study abroad and the Gilman scholarship because it reaches an audience of all background.

The goal of the projects are to create awareness and encourage fellow students on a micro scale, those attending the University of South Alabama, as well as on a macro scale, those attending college in the US, to study abroad regardless of hesitations. I see it myself, firsthand, what students think of study abroad-that it is unattainable. So many peers around me ask how I could I possibly fund the program once they find out I am going abroad, and I believe they are just not aware of the variety of foundations, like Gilman, dedicated to help students go abroad and study from a different perspective. Whether they are a first generation student coming from a low-income family or they simply do not know where to start, it is important to emphasize the possibility because where there is a will, there is a way.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Feb 26, 2019   #2
Sun, the only problem with your proposal is that it isn't anchored to a student group on campus. The aim of this project is to promote the scholarship within your student community. While the social media idea is a good presentation, the reviewer can also see how unrealistic the proposal is. You will not be able to accomplish everything you set out to do alone. So, while you partner with the study abroad office, you should also hook up with a student group that will prove your strong community ties.

Remember that you have to stir up excitement on campus, not just online. So you need the community of students to get involved beyond social media. The study abroad office can only do so much. Social media and it's hashtags may not always hit the mark. Public promotion through real time interaction with campus groups, that always works too help promote such scholarships both on and off campus. Think of such promotion types and adjust your content accordingly.

Consider what groups you are a member of on campus and integrate the promotion into those activities and groups. You have to prove real time, not just virtual contracts in this essay to strengthen your project proposal.

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