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International law - AAS Supporting Statement for LL.M. Study in Australia

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Apr 13, 2021   #1
Hello. I am currently working on my supporting statement for Australia Award Scholarship, and I am hoping for your opinion and feedback.

Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?[2000 chars left]

For a long time, inspired by my readings and the sight of global conflicts that I learned from the news, I become interested in the global dynamics, particularly global conflicts and geopolitical situations, and with those that influenced them, including International Law. Thus, when I enrolled in the Faculty of Law of H University, I decided to choose a major in International Law, where I took a special focus on subjects related to Public International Law, such as Humanitarian Law or Human Rights Law, which have a great influence on global development, which led me to choose the subject for the topic of my undergraduate thesis assignment, which was well-accepted by my supervisors and examiners.

After finishing my undergraduate study, I decided to continue my education by taking a postgraduate study, which would allow me to obtain a greater comprehension of international law. Also, I have an aspiration to become a lecturer of International Law, which requires a Master's degree in the field. Therefore, I choose International Law as the proposed course for my Master's study.

For my proposed institutions, after doing my research, consulting with experts, and with much consideration, I decided to choose the University of M, the University of N, and the University of S. These universities are renowned as globally acknowledged leading universities in both Australia and the world, especially their law schools. Most importantly, all of them provide a specialization on International Law in their LL.M. programs, which are taught and handled by renowned experts on the field, including on the subjects I have a special interest in like Humanitarian Law and International Dispute Settlement. Their LL.M. programs also provide students with the opportunity to obtain practical experiences through internship and legal research, which would give me an invaluable experience that would be useful for my future career as a university lecturer.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3477  
Apr 14, 2021   #2
You need to focus less on your background and interest development because you are applying for a masters degree scholarship already. You need to focus on your professional requirements behind the need to advance your studies. Since you previously mentioned that the masters course is the required element of your current job as an educator, then focus on the job requirements as the reason for your choosing the course. As for the universities, you need to highlight the differences between your choices. What makes the same course stand out as an offering at each university that interested you in seeking admission there? You cannot have equal interests in the courses offered because each university excels in a different field when it comes to teaching their masters students. This makes it sound like you are not really choosing universities, in no particular order, you just want to fulfill the university choice requirements with a total disregard of your academic goals and interests in relation to your professional goals.

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