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Introducing myself and showing interest for apply. Study Plan for Chinese Government Scholarship

Hthmn 6 / 14 3  
Feb 6, 2016   #1
Hello Everyone,

I am currently applying for Chinese Government Scholarship, and this is my essay of "Study Plan" to study a master degree in accounting . Actually, I don't have any idea how to write this type o f essays. and I need your help. Your ideas suggestions and corrections are welcomed. Please help!

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the admission committee and hereby I wish to state my interest and apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, funded by Chinese Ministry of Education, to study a master degree in Accounting at University of ( ěž ) start at the beginning of the academic year 2016/2017. I completed my Bachelor of Administrative Science, with major in accounting, first in class, from XXX University, in 2015. My bachelor degree incorporated courses in statistical, auditing, business, financial and accounting, through which I gained a profound knowledge in accounting, financial, managerial, and auditing arenas, as well as the business world in general. Furthermore, I acquired a range of important transferable skills such as data analysis, analytical thinking, solving problem, and group-management. But, I particularly enjoyed accounting courses, this has amply reflected in my excellent accounting modules overall GPA with 94.81%.

I wish to get chance through the Chinese Government Scholarship to experience China's blend of ancient and modern civilization, to hone cross-cultural skills by interacting with local Chinese from diverse professionals and cultural backgrounds. It will be an amazing experience to visit incredible attractions such as The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, and ancient water towns in Suzhou. Furthermore, As China is the XXX County biggest trading partner, having first-hand experience of living in china and a good command of Chinese language, I will be on the front lines of discovering new business opportunities. Furthermore, it would make me successful entrepreneur and a valuable source in my country business industry, which adds a great advantage to my overall experience.

I come from country which has underdeveloped economy suffering from an unorganized business environment operating with a weak infrastructure. Therefore, I have developed a research proposal related to "the Quality of Accounting Information and Its Role in Activation of Stock Exchange in the Context of my country Corporate Governance. My motivation behind this research is recognizing the advent need for my country to apply corporate governance standards not only in order to gain credibility and trust but also as a part of strategic management for economical survival and growth. I wish to learn as much as I can from the bright Chinese minds in accounting and financial areas.

Now, I am eager to get myself admitted into the accounting master program offered by the department of XXX at the University of XXX . This master program with up-to-date developments and all trends and changes in accounting industry will definitely enhance my scope of research and equip me with a comprehensive understanding of the accounting field. Obtaining this master program will provide me with the ability and necessary skills to career advancement in all areas of the accounting profession, and academia. Furthermore, this master program lies the foundations to PhD studies in accounting make it a big plus. At the end of all of my masters degree course, I am planning to not only help improve the corporate governance application in my country business environment, but also to continue my studies in the field by continuously researching and writing papers related to this situation through my PhD studies. My ultimate goal is to become a professor in a leading university. Striving to be an excellent resource to assist students and the learning community by enhancing their understanding of financial and accounting matters, and through clear writings and informative lectures. Currently, I have already experienced the excitement and stratification feelings by getting a full time job as a teaching assistant at XXX University. I believe that I have just put myself in the right path which gives me that sense of right direction.

I believe the Chinese Government Scholarship represents a unique opportunity for me to increase my respect for other cultures, to open my eyes wider at the world, and to develop my self-confidence and independence. Integrating the life experience that China has to offer with the quality of education received from leading professors as well as an advanced curriculum provided by the University of XXX could capacitate me to fulfill my dreams. Although the journey ahead will be rough, I believe I possess the necessary skills and perseverance to adapt, thrive and prove myself a worthy candidate if the privilege to pursue this Master's program in your esteem university bestowed upon me. Thank you for your consideration and time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
corey3236 1 / 2  
Feb 6, 2016   #2
Hey, thanks for the help on mine. I don't really know how to correct or structure essays and all but the only feedback I have is I think you should include some more personal things in there. You've very well covered why you would be a good candidate to receive the scholarship however there are a lot of good candidates to receive the same scholarship but what could make you stand out from others is why you would be the most beneficial one to be given it. I hope this helped. I am truly sorry if it didn't I'm not good at these kinds of things.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Feb 7, 2016   #3
Noman, the information in your study plan is not as accurate as it should be. In fact, it reads more like an expanded statement of purpose rather than a Study Plan. You should think about creating a new draft that better addresses the outline of expected answers in this type of essay. There should be more clarity when it comes to depicting your reasons for studying your chosen major and why you feel that you would benefit from advanced studies outside of your home country.

Consider some deeper reasons for wishing to study in China. Right now, it sounds more like you want to be a tourist in the country instead of a serious student. For example, you can explain how you have some sort of special interest in the country or the culture of the country. One of the highlights of your essay can be information about how you ended up choosing the university that you mention in it. Why did you opt for this university in particular out of all the universities in China?

When you discuss your long term goals, make sure to relate those plans to how studying at the university can help you achieve those goals. It would be in your best interest to inform the reader that you plan to work in China for a few years after graduation. After all, you are going to be studying as a sponsored student of the Chinese government. Working for them after you graduate would be a nice thank you on your part.

Quite frankly though, I do not see any reasons in your essay that would make you a stand out applicant for the scholarship. You need to open up more about yourself. Talk about reasons why your professors or classmates or close friend consider you a unique individual. Maybe these personal qualities can help create a more interesting image of you as a potential student under their program.

Like I said, you have a statement of purpose at the moment and not a study plan. If you follow my instructions, we may just succeed in redirecting your essay towards a proper study plan presentation.
OP Hthmn 6 / 14 3  
Feb 7, 2016   #4
Howdy Louisa, in fact I don't really have any idea how exactly to write a study plan. I asked some friends who applied for the Chinese government scholarship and they told me " it is just like statement of purpose and some said it just like motivation letter. Though I was not convinced abut what they said, I followed their directions and advises. Therefore I post my first draft here, to get your generous help and suggestions. Now, I will try to follow your suggestions in order to develop a better STUDY PLAN. and if you have any other comments or if there is any form to write my study plan better.


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