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KGSP Future Goals - specialist advisor on technology

jkl 3 / 4  
Mar 18, 2017   #1
Hi this is my essay for the KGSP Graduate Future Goals section. I greatly appreciate advice and comments on how I can improve.

Future Plan After Study

After completing my studies, I plan to work in a Korean organisation specialising in technology. I will take on a corporate development or management support role in a multinational organisation involved in the production and management of technology. I will have been equipped with the best academic knowledge and resources after graduating to combine them with the substantial practical experience I will steadily gain by working in a leading technology-focused firm. In the organisation, I will gain insights on strategic challenges for development of technology and how regulation impacts technology businesses. I hope to be able to manage technological portfolios whilst forming important alliances in the industry. As the technology industry is very strategy driven, taking on a role which allows me to develop strategies for the organisation is the perfect stepping stone to realising my long-term goal of becoming an expert advisor in the field.

After a few years of accumulating corporate experience, my mid-term goal is to qualify as a lawyer in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) department of a top international law firm with an office in Korea and expansion plans in the region. As the Korean market matures, there will be opportunities to manage and advise on both inbound and outbound investment or development plans by domestic and overseas organisations alike. As a lawyer, I will be involved in the managing of clients' technology portfolios in the legal and regulatory sphere. This will give me in-depth insights and experience on how technology is impacted by regulation and how challenges can be overcome to promote innovation.

These experiences will be the ideal platform for achieving my ultimate goal which is to return to ******* as lawyer specialising in the field. While I intend to continue working as a lawyer in an international firm in *******, I also intend to join the ********* Fintech Consortium as an advisor to develop a vibrant Fintech scene in *********. With substantial experience on technology regulation, I will advise new ventures and connect start-ups with financial institutions and financial authorities to create an ecosystem where new technologies can be tested and matured in a sustainable manner. The consortium has connections with fintech centres internationally such as the Fintech Centre of Korea. I plan to continue strengthening existing alliances whilst building new ones with growing fintech hubs to share ideas and assist industry players in the region in their outreach plans in ********* and vice versa. I hope to contribute to development plans to ensure that technology and regulation can develop in a secure and steady manner for a creative economy.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,667 3487  
Mar 18, 2017   #2
jkl, it is important that you define your post study plan by the number of years in order to create a chronological representation of what your practical training and work experience should develop within you as a professional. Therefore, you need to not only mention an exact company in Korea that you hope to work for, but you need to mention exactly how long you plan to stay in Korea as well. This should cover a 5 year plan. There are no mid-range plans to be represented, only long term goals covering the first 5 years after you graduate. Anything longer than that requires a PhD degree. It is not appropriate to say "I will have" in first paragraph because, this instance, it sounds like you are just recapping your masters degree course accomplishments. Instead, discuss the kind of practical training that you expect to have at the company by saying "I hope to build upon my theoretical knowledge gained during masters studies by..."

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