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KGSP Future Plan in Korea after Graduating

Junghakkyo 3 / 9 2  
Dec 28, 2018   #1
This paper can be one page size 10 font Times New Roman.

My issue, is that this essay is rather straight forward and to the point. I don't really know what else to add to this because everything else was included in my personal statement essay or my study plan essay. Any suggestions on what I could expand on for this essay would be fantastic.

KGSP Future Plan in Korea after Graduating

After finishing my Master's Degree, I aim to continue teaching English as a foreign language in Korea. Teaching in Korea will provide the opportunity to practice implementing what I learned in my classes, and will further my knowledge of the educational system. Due to already having taught middle school English in Korea, I want to expand on my experience by teaching in an elementary or high school at different stages of my career. Additionally, teaching at each level first will provide a deep understanding of what students learn in public schools before they attend university. This experience will give me a comprehensive understanding of the expected English levels in Korean public schools, which will be beneficial towards my ultimate goal of teaching at the university level.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,552 3449  
Dec 29, 2018   #2
You are presenting a cut and dried response rather than a detailed explanation of how you intend to achieve these goals. Look into your timeline. Normally these events should occur over a period of 5 years. As such, you can explain your career intentions for every year presented. For year one, what is the goal? How do you hope to achieve that? What will it lead to? Year one should end with a connection with your year 2 intentions. Ask yourself the same question then connect it to year 3, and so on and so forth. You need to be detailed in your explanation so that you can complete the 1 page requirement. Divide your career plans into paths. That should help you achieve a lengthier essay that is more informative. Don't aim to summarize, aim to explain your plans. The plans will allow you to further expand on your goals through an explanation of how your studies can help you achieve every year goal that you have for yourself.

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