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accandido 1 / 1  
Jan 31, 2021   #1
Good afternoon, everyone!
I will apply to the scholarship provided by the Korean government and I need to write a Personal Statement. In my country, it's not common to use this format in university selections, so, it's my first draft ever.

Points to cover in the PS:

o Motivations with which you apply for this program
o Your education and work experience in relation to GKS.
o Reason for studying in Korea
o Any other aspects of your background and interests which may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.

As stated by Jostein Gaarder in Sophie's World: "So 'to be or not to be' is not the whole question. The question is also who we are." Therefore, about me, I can affirm that I am curious and my name is Aline. From an early age, I felt instigated to understand rules and how they affect our daily lives. However, I come from a simple family and working parents, who with great dedication and respect for these same rules, managed to open a small business, where I learned the value of work and knowledge.

Throughout my school life, I studied in public schools. There were many difficulties imposed by public education and the diversity of backgrounds of colleagues, but I always believed that the person who makes the school is the student himself. Thus, strengthening diplomatic traits that I still have today, I was the class representative for eight years, serving as a bridge between teachers and students. When choosing the field of study in college, I understood that Law would open several doors, among them, that of critical and interpretive thinking. During university education, I noticed that my questions and concerns left the domestic sphere to take new flights. In this sense, I deepened my affinity with fields of Public Law and International Law, seeking to understand the impact on the community as a whole. In addition, I started my studies of the English language, essential for anyone looking to understand the world. In the period that I was an intern, I was able to work with lawyers and teachers with great knowledge in this area, awakening the desire to teach and culminating in the professional I am today.

In producing my work to conclude my bachelor's degree, I deepened my research on the different commercial conflicts encountered by nations, considering the plurality of understandings. At that moment, interest in the things of the world turned my eyes to Asia and its cultural diversity. Hence, I found myself once again curious, in this case by Korea with its mixture of first-world development and respect for traditions. I was delighted with the music, series, history, cuisine and language. Going forward with my academic journey, I came across a theme with roots in my early student years: the sustainable urban development of Korea. In such a manner, I wrote the article of my postgraduate course. After seven years of dedication to the lawyer career, occupying managing positions, and with the necessary maturity acquired, I decided to participate in this master's selection to continue my studies in loco, at one of the best universities in the world, with vast knowledge on the subject I defend.

On my trip to Korea in 2020, I confirmed that the country has a lot to teach, even for my own nation. Therefore, I intend to use the scholarship period to deepen my understanding of culture, produce research materials, create international professional relationships and use the campus as a pitcher where new ideas will flourish. Although the future is unpredictable, it is possible o plan it. In this conception, in five years, I find myself teaching classes, lectures and spreading the knowledge acquired. I will also work for private companies and governmental agencies, producing studies on environmental and urban viability. I intend to use my diplomatic personality to, once again, serve as a bridge: I will be a bridge between Korea and Latin America, between traditions and new ideas.

Focusing on the future, I anticipate my desire to be part of the incredible city of Busan, its pleasant climate and bustling ports. I am sure of my skills and what I can add to your program, maintaining the humility of always being willing to listen and improve. In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity granted by the Korean Government and its Universities, which provide knowledge and hope for so many international academics every year.

I am thankful in advance for your reviews.


Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3353  
Feb 1, 2021   #2
The first paragraph is formatted in a manner more relevant to the GKS-U application. That said, the paragraph can be deleted without affecting the rest of the relevant information contained in your writing. When you are asked to discuss your education, the reference point is your undergraduate studies in relation to your career path. From the undergraduate studies, you can discuss how you applied what you learned in your profession, which led to your realization that you require international training and academic learning to further improve in your current career and give you a better future career path.

Your reason for studying in Korea must be profession based since you are a masters degree candidate. You are using undergraduate reasons for your decision to study in the country, which has weakened your presentation and created a non-related reason for your decision to study the masters course in Korea. Try to find some Law related reasons for your interest instead.

The weakest point of this personal statement is the lack of reference to your skills in relation to graduate study requirements. There is a lack of representation when it comes to depicting your ability to do complex research, your passion for the masters course you are interested in studying, and a desire to further improve your career based on your motivating factors.

Overall, this is not a personal statement that will get past the screening round. Unless you can strengthen the content as I indicated, this will not even garner a second consideration from the reviewer.
OP accandido 1 / 1  
Feb 5, 2021   #3
Could you give it a look at my new PS? I wrote a new one, after your suggestions. Must be in a new thread.
Thank you as always.
oahr93 1 / 3  
Feb 14, 2021   #4
Hi Aline! As Holt said, you can start from "From an early age.." As far as I know, Koreans don't like very poetic writing but more straightforward writings. Also try to link what you want to do and what Korea has achieved in the area you want to study.

Good luck!
grant_Oliver 3 / 8  
Feb 14, 2021   #5
Hi Aline,
Please notice that the KGSP SOP and PS requirements had changed.
According to the newly release guideline, the PS of 2021 should cover:
- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Family and Education background
- Significant experiences you have had; risks you have taken and achievements you have made, persons or events that have had a significant influence on you

- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc.
You may need to modify the PS accordingly