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KGSP Part 3 - English linguistics - Future Plan

eviand /  
Feb 10, 2019   #1

Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea

I believe that a master's degree in South Korea will provide a milestone in my career. By working under the guidance of distinguished faculty, I will acquire expertise on English Linguistics and shall certainly be able to exploit my academic potential to the fullest. My master's course will have equipped me with the vital theoretical knowledge and research abilities, as well as given me valuable insight in the applications of linguistics in Korea. That being the case, in the first years after the completion of my graduate studies I picture myself pursuing a research career in the field of English linguistics. I intend to apply for a doctoral program, which will ensure that I have the ability not only to process and analyze already existing data, but also to generate authentic information based on accurate research methods and produce answers to academic and real-life problems.

Upon completing my doctoral degree, I would like to follow the academic path and become a university professor. It is a career that, I believe, requires constant struggle and commitment. Additionally, it offers unlimited opportunities for evolution and growth. The aforementioned properties complement my character and satisfy my ambitions as an individual, who is conscious to international problems and demands.

Personally, I would prefer to reside in Korea for the first years after the completion of my master's degree. Since I will have conducted research on a topic that is closely related to the Korean society, I prefer to remain in Korea further, so I can be of more assistance with concentrated and committed work. Furthermore, it is my resolution to become a connecting factor between Greece and South Korea. During and after my graduate studies, I aim to become an advocate of the Greek culture and history in South Korea and reinforce cooperation and mutual understanding between the two countries. If my journey leads me back to my home country, I hope to help spread the Korean culture there, by narrating my positive experiences and advocating the advantages of Korean education.

(MAYBE LEAVE OUT) A common misconception about English Language and Literature degree holders is that the profession of an English teacher is just one in the narrow list of choices we have. Even though I have experiences in teaching English as a foreign language, I consider them mere experiences in my journey of discovering possible career outcomes before settling on the one that best corresponds to my interests and preferences. Therefore, I am confident in saying that, although I respect Applied Linguistics and TESOL studies as research fields, becoming an English teacher is not an option.

P.S I know this needs a lot more work and editing, I just don't know where to start. Looking forward to suggestions and comments.

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Feb 11, 2019   #2
Evi, there is a 2 year residency requirement for all GKS graduates. It is a way of paying for the expenses that Korea incurred for educating you as a scholar. So you do not need to say that you hope to stay in Korea. Instead, offer a post study plan that explains how you will spend those 2 years working in Korea based on the masters course you took. Then, and this is important, indicate that you will leave Korea 2 years after your graduation and work experience / training.

Explain how your post study plans (work opportunity) in your home country will benefit from the 2 years work experience you will have earned in Korea. Do not say that you will extend your stay in Korea beyond the 2 year plan. It will appear that you are looking to gain Korean residency or citizenship through the GKS program and that could be a negative consideration for your application. You can say instead, that you look forward to going home, working in your home country and looking for the opportunity to return as a working professional to Korea at a later date.

Aside from my observations above, I can also say that you can use paragraph 2 as the basis of the new version. Make that your first paragraph and build on my observations above from there. I believe that would create a better post study plan for your application.

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