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KGSP Program for Undergraduate/Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc)

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Oct 1, 2018   #1
Hello everyone, i am Luisa Fernanda I would like your opinion about my study plan about language learning.
please tell me if I have bad diction, spelling and if I am being arrogant or immature.

I like Korean, I have the motivation and I am excited to learn something new

Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea

Being my country Mexico, a neighbor of the United States, the English language is very important and even more so for the region where I live, it is a small city that receives many tourists that are mostly foreigners, so English is very important in the schools, I have received classes since I was in secondary school at age 12, until finishing high school at 18; I have always been a language that is easier for me to understand since I like it and the one I was exposed to since I was a little girl, I grew up watching musical series in this language and different songs that were fashionable, with this I practiced my pronunciation without knowing it. When I finished high school I studied an English course for six months that I could not conclude, but I left I decided to continue studying on my own with an application on the cell phone called Duolingo which I continue to use often, this app helped me in my vocabulary and in the spelling, after using it often, I realized that I could understand a lot when I heard people talking in videos or movies. I do not have international certificates to help me demonstrate my knowledge, but I consider myself to have an intermediate level, I can say for myself that I understand English when I listen to it and read it; I do not have much practice speaking but I would like to practice it with other colleagues when I get to South Korea, I am a very friendly person, and I feel certain to increase my level of English.

The first time I heard the Korean language was in a drama 6 years ago, through this, I could appreciate the language and the writing, the curiosity led me to learn to learn it, try on my own to look for courses or books, but there was no A lot at that time, I found some videos of a Spanish-speaking person living in South Korea, he made videos showing Korean, with his videos I could learn the basics, also by myself I searched in Google images the consonants and the vowels, there was an image that I explained the conjugations, I remember that in one day I learned to read and that in my school notebook I always got to practice writing, I also searched for the lyrics of songs in Hangul script and I learned them by heart, plus one of my hobbies in my free hours is to see dramas, in these I learned colloquial expressions, names of foods, cities, animals and things; In addition, recently I was able to get a book to learn Korean in PDF format which is for beginners and is aimed at Spanish speakers.

If I have the opportunity to go to South Korea to study, I promise to pass each topik exam until I reach level 6, I have the confidence to learn, applying some techniques that helped me when I was in my English course, as very well written, another technique is to read, I like manga / manhwas is another of my hobbies, I know that in Korea there are places where you can read or buy these, I would like to start reading them in my 4th month, but before, I'll start with books or stories for children, also looking for the movies that as a child I learned by heart like the little mermaid watching it in Korean with subtitles in Hangul. although I think the best way to learn is interacting with people, in the program there will be people of all nationalities that I am excited to know, with them I would like to form a friendship and with the confidence formed, make dynamics among everyone how to play board games , walking or watching movies, everything related to the practice of the language, with regard to writing, I would also like to acquire dictionaries and books about Korean calligraphy, I would like to have aesthetics in my writing.

Without a doubt, I like the Korean language, I have the motivation and I am excited for each day to learn something new, new words, new vocabularies, learn new experiences with all my colleagues and work as a team to acquire new skills and good times.
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Oct 2, 2018   #2
Hi. Your essay needs improvement in punctuation and grammar so as to give it better flow. Eg. for the first sentence, you can change it up as below;

As a resident of Mexico, ... is very important. Even ... where I live, we receive many foreign English-speaking tourists, so ... in the schools. I have attended English classes since ... at 18. It has is a language that I find easy to understand since I enjoy it and I was exposed to it since I was a little girl. I grew up watching ... songs that were trending; with this I ...

Replicate this for the rest of the essay.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,028 4247  
Oct 2, 2018   #3
Luisa, this essay is unnecessarily long. You are approaching this as a language autobiography when you should be presenting direct responses to the prompt question. Study plans for before coming to Korea?

I grew up studying the English language since it shares a border with Mexico. I took English lessons because it is practically the second language of my country. Although I did not finish my English language studies in a formal setting, I continued learning the spoken and written language by...

I was enthralled by the Korean language when I first saw a K-Drama and heard a K-Pop song. I took to Google to learn...

Upon my arrival in Korea, I will continue my English and Korean language learning by...

The response is only 3 paragraphs long. . Say everything in 300-500 words and your essay will be set for revising and editing. I already gave you the beginning of your revised paragraphs. Just follow through on the information. By the way, about the TOPIK test, just say you look forward to proving your Hangul proficiency once the time for you to take the TOPIK test comes. Don't make any assumptions about your possible score. Just emphasize a desire to perfect your Hangul in order to do the best job that you can during your formal classes.

It would be better to not discuss the TOPIK test and your analysis of your English language abilities. There is no need to mention that you have not tested for English skills under TOEFL or IELTS. That is irrelevant to the discussion. Mentioning that weakens your application information. You need to be strong in your presentation so when you are uncertain about certain information or feel that you should volunteer information that is not really required, stop yourself. The prompt is clear with its questions. All you have to do is provide a response. Question, answer. That's all. No additional information required.

Revise your content and pay attention to your sentence structure. Your writing at this moment is really very bad. You practically need professional editing in order to clean up your presentation and grammatical errors. That can wait though. Your essay is still in draft mode at the moment. Once you get to the final version, then you can clean up the presentation and vocabulary problems.
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Oct 2, 2018   #4
Muchas Gracias, thank you very much! @Holt @dfwm

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