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Aug 4, 2020   #1

Am I fit for this International relations degree program?

I decided to apply for the international relations course when I discovered that I have always been motivated to acquire a wider knowledge about multifaceted relations among states, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, regarding problems that affect world's stability, like internal and inter-state conflicts, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and climate change. As the world becomes more connected and interdependent as a result of globalization, a solid grounding in the discipline of international relations is essential for anyone who wants to look beyond the headlines and explore the key players in the international system.

I became so keen on this area of study when I started high school, as I was inspired by my passionate teachers who taught me the importance of knowing more about the world we live in and aroused my interest in the relationships between countries, global affairs and the world international system. I started to actively participate in class, this made my teachers take a lot of interest in the advancement of my abilities and greatly helped me improve my ability to work productively, my essay writing and public speaking skills. I gradually allowed myself to discover who I was, what I cared about and, finally, who I wanted to be. I discovered that not only was it my will to find ways to resolve international conflicts, third world debt, terrorism and nuclear proliferation but also I was passionate and curious about doing something for third world countries, refugees and even the role of women in the global system.

These were my motivation believing that someday I can and will contribute to change the mind of those inhabiting the earth. I continued studying harder as I believed that only through hard work will I be able to achieve something this important to me in life, acknowledging that I would only fulfil myself with such part in our society if I worked hard. As a result, I have chosen to study in South Korea because I believe that I can be more successful in my area and, consequently have more opportunities along my career to carry out my motivation for choosing this career path. Although English is the general language of my country, it is my goal to study the Korean language not just because of its dynamic tradition and culture and its rising emergent economy but also because of its fast-rising importance in the international system.

My family is my greatest motivation. I am the second child of four children with a loving father who is a chartered accountant and a caring and sweet mother who is a businesswoman. I have an elder sister and two younger brothers. From the onset of my educational background, my family have motivated me in many ways. They helped me improve in various fields, taught me to communicate with people, read books, love art and learn languages. I attended a few of the best schools in my city; I attended Handmaid nursery school from September 2001 to July 2003. I began my primary education in September 2003 at Saint. Aloysius primary school and I successfully graduated in July 2009. Afterwards, I moved to the next phase of my education. I began Secondary school in September 2009 at Holy Rosary Girls' Secondary school and graduated in July 2015.

During one of the career day celebration at my school, my mother spoke about a lot of careers but I was more drawn to what she said about international relations. I remember she said "I would rather throw myself down this window, than deal with the fact that you are going out there to live like ignorant people! I will be very disappointed in myself" My enthusiasm increased when I discovered that there are many interesting careers open to graduates of international relations, especially involving overseas travel which is something I enjoy greatly.

In my duration at Holy Rosary Girls' College, I was delegated with an authoritative position, and in my last year, I was made house captain. With this position of authority, I was allowed to use the leadership skills that my A-level choices have provided me with. To do this along with my studies, I had to be focused, organized and maintain enthusiasm to keep the house spirit alive.

I represented my school severally through being in the debating team. These events were alive with energy for me, allowing me to think spontaneously and speak up with one's opinion. It heightened my sensitivity to speech, according to the mood and I learnt how to alter the tone of one's voice to gain different effects. I feel this will be extremely useful for future situations when I take a more authoritative role. It was refreshing to have a new project to research, aside from my A-levels. I have learnt to swiftly and logically think through situations and also apply my knowledge to situations.

It is important to be a role model for the younger years, this motivated me to be a mentor. Passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject to the younger years is something that I find incredibly satisfying. Both these activities have helped me to develop my communication, organization, and leadership skills, they have also help me broaden my knowledge.

Even though I find this ever-evolving subject to be demanding and rigorous, I feel all of the efforts are worthwhile. It has given me a much better understanding of how the world we live in works. I greatly enjoy the dynamic nature of international relations and I am fully ready to acquire more knowledge with analytical research skills required for studying processes and factors in international and transnational relations. It will give me a clear understanding of organizations such as World Trade Organizations (WTO), the United Nation (UN) and the European Union (EU). The knowledge I will be impacted with will help me gain a foothold in any future career.

Although I have never lived or studied abroad, I have done a lot of research to make sure South Korea is the right match for me. I love to travel and experience new cultures; I am someone who is confident in my ability to communicate across cultures and gets along well with others due to being open and considerate of people and their beliefs. I pride myself on cultural sensitivity when I find myself in the company of others who do not share a similar background as mine.

I have a deep interest in the language, history and culture of South Korea which I am excited to continue to explore and experience. I anticipate developing both professionally and personally from international experience and I am looking forward to an opportunity to expand my horizon while doing something I love and also, anticipating the challenge of living and studying abroad independently, which I am sure I am ready to handle.

I believe that I would be a perfect fit for this International relations degree program that incorporates students from across the globe.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Aug 4, 2020   #2
For an undergraduate personal statement, the limitation comes in at 2 pages with text written only on 1 side of the A4 sized page. So you can use only the front of the A4 sized page. You cannot print the information back to back. Your current essay is running extremely beyond the requirement by coming in at 4 A4 pages long. So the essay is not properly formatted. You need to revise the essay to include all the discussion requirements within no more than 2 A4 sized pages. I cannot help you edit your content at this point because I do not know which information you may want to keep or delete. Please make sure the essay fits on the page requirement first. I can only review your essay once it becomes requirement compliant.
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Aug 5, 2020   #3

I'd like to take out the first paragraph and please do let me know if there's anything unnecessary that should be taken out