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KGSP study plan information technology for sustainability

hello below is my kgsp study plan, Pls I need ur critics and corrections.

My focus on environment

Environmental pollution has been a menace to human existence. With the use of information technology vital information could be gotten on various environmental aspects such as land use, land cover changes, vegetation condition, soil water quality amongst others. I believe more feats will be achieved if the right tools are employed to tackle environmental related issues. With the application of information technology like the remote sensing, GIS, we would be able to monitor, track and prevent several forms of environmental pollution effects rather than finding measure to solving a problem that has generated enough chaos, as it is rightly said prevention is better than cure.

Having considered the aforementioned I will like to carry out a study on the prevention and reduction of ground water contamination with the aid of information technology to ensure the co0ntinuos existence of man and reduce poverty.

The continuous existence of man on this planet will depend on the availability of quality water. Our landscape are so susceptible to all forms of contamination from human induced pollution such as agricultural chemicals, leakage from several underground storage tanks and also transportation of fuel and mineral exploitation and exploration.

The use of information technology in Nigeria has had major setbacks which includes poor funding by government on research work, problem of unstable power supply and communication pitfalls, poor educational system amongst others. In a country like south Korea where science and technology is booming and several breakthroughs have been achieved in the use of information technology such as remote sensing , GIS and aerial photographs , even more can be achieved if efficiently applied in ensuring environmental sustainability.

In Nigeria where oil leakage has been a major environmental pollutant especially in the Niger delta part of the country where the people depend on the aquatic life for sustenance. The activity of multinational oil companies in this part of the country pollutes the water thereby rendering the water undrinkable and causing aquatic life termination.

With the help of geospatial technology one is able to understand the ground/surface water interactions pattern and able to deduce appropriate sites or locations for any sort of construction.

This discipline of property harnessed and given its rightful place by the appropriate authorities in Nigeria and globally would play enviable roles in sustainability of our environment.

Mar 19, 2017   #2
John, this is not a properly formatted study plan for the KGSP. This is more of an essay explanation of your study plan instead of a study plan proposal or thesis proposal, which is the expected presentation for this essay. I do not see a clear title for your research paper, there is no clear thesis statement to be responded to in the form of collaborative research with a Korean agency or company, there is no methodology presented for the type of research required, and there is no representation for your expected outcome from the research. This turned purely into a narrative of what the problems are in Nigeria instead. While you can present the problems besetting Nigeria in your essay, it must relate to the thesis statement and expected outcome presentation of the essay in order to give more importance and a reason for being presented in this essay. You will need to revise the full content of your essay to represent the following:

1. The title of your research
2. The reason (thesis statement) that you believe this research is important to Korea and Nigeria.
3. The method of research that calls for your collaboration with a specialized Korean agency.
4. What you hope to see as a result of your research.
5. How you hope to use this research to help improve Korea and Nigeria relations either through collaborative efforts of the related agencies or, through the implementation of new technologies in both countries in the future.
hello Mary, this is revised version, i tried to make the necessary corrections as you have pointed out.

I will like to carry out a research on agricultural chemicals, the relationship between soil and ground water toxicity.
Is the availability of quality water truly a determinant to the continued existence of mankind? Our landscape are so susceptible to all forms of contamination from human induced pollution such as agricultural chemicals, leakage from several underground storage tanks and also transportation of fuel and mineral exploitation and exploration .

The soil is an important factor that constitutes the environment together with air and water and plays an important role as the basis of survival of organisms including humans. In recent years soil contamination by volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and other chemical substances has been revealed. This research will be carried out in order to determine if there is a significant relationship between soil and ground water toxicity. This would be carried out by collecting soil and ground water from different farm sites and this will be used to determine the relationship between soil chemistry and toxicity, mobility of contaminants, ground water toxicity and chemistry. Soils will be leached using water to mimic rainfall and both the soils and leachates will be tested using bioassays. The soil bioassays will be carried out using Eisena fetida whilst groundwater leachetes will be tested using the microtox test system and Daphnia magma 48 h acute tests. If this results turns out positive then measures will be put in place to prevent the leaching of soil chemicals into groundwater in order to prevent the impairment of human health.

In a country like Nigeria and also Korea where agricultural chemicals are used due to the several farming activities carried out, there will be need to ascertain the relationship between the soil chemistry and ground water chemistry , so that necessary remedial processes will be carried out on the soil before it fully pollutes the ground water.

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