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The Kingston University Summer - personal/academic qualities and cultural background

Emilija 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2011   #1
First I am going to introduce myself.
My name is Emilija and I am a student at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje.

I am in a process for applying for a scholarship for the Kingston University Summer School in London. I have to write short essay for about 300 words, but the problem is that i have no idea what should i write about. The subject is to describe my unique academic/personal qualities and cultural background that i will bring to the Kingston University Summer School.

"The essay is designed to demonstrate your writing skills and to aid our full appreciation of the qualities you can bring to the Summer School."

Can anyone help me? What specifically should i write about. Can anyone give me an example, a short essay, a few sentences? Something to inspire me? How should i start my essay? How should i end it? What should i talk about specifically? How to make them sure that i am the right person to be chosen?

It is really important for me to get this scholarship.

Thank you. :)
RPONCE 1 / 2  
Mar 20, 2011   #2

I am confident that if you write about something you enjoy and are passionate about that the words will flow freely. Your only challenge then will be keeping it short enough to meet the requirement. Never try to be who you are not. Never try to be someone you think someone wants you to be. Be yourself.
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Mar 20, 2011   #3
Hello Emilija; I always liked the name Skopje. My idea of Scandinavian countries is from movies, as cold and foggy, but yet alluring.

I am sure those reading your application will have genuine curiosity about where you are from, how is it different from where they live, how the people there are different -- in their interests in music, what is considered cool, even words and phrases typical of Skopje.

What 'natural' wonders exist in your part of the world? Do you have activists ?
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Mar 21, 2011   #4
Hello Emilija,
You must have wondered about 'Scandinavian countries' in the post above. Skopje has that sort of sound, I thought it was in Iceland or Finland ! Well, I looked up Macedonia and learnt more about 'Skupi', and there is quite an interesting history of your city.

More recently though, I wonder how the youth feel .. towards the Western nations, and your country's independence from Soviet Russia ?

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