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Korean broadcasting will change us for the better - KGSP Master 2021 Personal Statement

semos 1 / -  
Feb 15, 2021   #1

Studying media and communications

I was born as the middle child of a family with three daughters living in a village. My father and mother were born and raised in this village, and both are secondary school graduates, so they work for us to get a good education. My father retired a few years ago, but continues to work as farmers because we went to school me and my sister. My mother is a housewife, but she also helps my father in the field work. My big sister is married and has a daughter, I graduated from university in 2019 and my younger sister is a sophomore in science high school.

Since there was no high school where I live, I moved to the city center at the age of 14 and started living in a dormitory while studying in high school. I continued to live in the dormitory while I was studying at the university, so if I am accepted to the school, I will not be faced with missing my home.

My curiosity to read in the communication department started thanks to what I watched on TV and read in the newspaper as a child. The world of communication channels worked differently from real life and was very interesting. So, I decided to study communication at university, even though there was no other person in my family studying communication.

While I was studying at the university, I worked part-time in various jobs and also took an active role in festivals held at the university. Since there is no thesis requirement to graduate from the Faculty of Communication, I took an active role in the establishment of the Intercultural Communication Studies Application and Research Center. I volunteered in the organization and promotion of the International Migration and Mobility Forum, the first work of this center. This forum, where many foreign and domestic lecturers made presentations, was later published as an e-book. (kim.cu.edu.tr/cu/events/kimfor-1)

But the real turning point for me in Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) was to start an internship. It has contributed more to me than the local channels I volunteered for before. My internship at TRT was one of the most important steps that prepared me for broadcasting life. Preparatory stage for live broadcasts, I helped the program flow and directing work, and I knew then that I chose the right profession for me.

That's when I started thinking about Korea for masters education. The perspective of publishing was different from my country's perspective. Turkey's broadcasting understanding entered into a vicious circle. That's why I believe Korean broadcasting will change us for the better. I believe that with the education I will receive in Korea, I will be able to improve the content that will be broadcast on television.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 16, 2021   #2
This is a good draft. It is not yet a completed essay. You have amply described each member of your family, but not how your family dynamic has led to your personal qualities. The influence of your parents, or a parent in particular would help showcase the relationship you have with your parents, which is more important than the reference to your siblings, unless your siblings have influenced you in some way (Persons who have influenced you).

There is no clear motivation for your studies in Korea. How does Korean media influence this decision? What academic goals are you pursuing as a professional that would have influenced this decision? How would this interest apply itself to your career goals? Though there is no real research skills requirement in the prompt this year, it is still important that you highlight this as a skill you developed throughout college even if only for research, opinion papers, or self improvement.

It would be beneficial if you have a mentor to refer to in this essay since you will need to have that person write a recommendation letter for you down the line. As for your risks that you have taken, there is nothing remarkable about what you have presented. You are not the only applicant who had to attend high school away from your family. That is commonplace already. You need something more character building or skills development related that might catch the reviewer's attention.

The overall essay is weak and requires further development. My suggestions above would be a great place to start with making those improvements for your second draft.
grant_Oliver 3 / 8  
Feb 17, 2021   #3
Hi Semos,
I would like to suggest you to move your motivation paragraph to the top. The motivation is the first requirement in the instruction, and I think motivation is more important for the selector.

Besides, I guess you need to minimize your experience of high school, since you are already applying graduate school.
The term "Turkey's broadcasting understanding entered into a vicious circle." seems not very proper. Please always be optimistic in the application. You may say something like "Korean media has the feature XXX which is hard to find in Turkey".

Your statement on the relative experience needs more details. Please state your situation, your task, the action you have taken and the event result clearly.

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